Special offers for participants at NRCC Night of SMEs 2017

Wed | 08.11.2017


One more reason to attend the 3rd edition of  NRCC Night of SMEs: special offers kindly provided by our sponsors and media parteners to all participants at the event. 


Alexander Hughes - special discount 

Alexander Hughes is glad to offer 10% discount to NRCC members and 7% discount to non-members. Discount applied to all services provided by the company. 

Alexander Hughes is one of the few independent European headquartered groups in Executive Search able to offer globally high level of quality and commitment to the most exacting clients. With 54 offices, Alexander Hughes, headquartered in Paris, has a fully owned worldwide coverage offering local expertise combined with global capabilities. The team includes 130 consultants operating in 10 Sectors of Excellence, ranging from Financial Services and Technology to Life Sciences, Industrial Manufacturing or Consumer Markets.

In Romania, Alexander Hughes recently celebrated 21 years of expertise on the local market and executive recruiting remains the foundation of our business. We combine deep industry and functional knowledge with a proven executive search expertise and a well-reputable network in order to help you find leaders who best fit your organization’s unique needs.

Valoria - free demo trainings

Valoria is glad to offer free demo trainings (3-4 hours) at the client’s HQ. Topics to select from: Time management, Efficient sales strategies, Overcoming communication barriers.

Valoria Business Solutions is a company providing training, consulting and executive coaching services. The company's mission is to transform the potential of teams and organizations into value. Competence, confidence, innovation, and passion are the values that sustain Valoria's specialists in everything they do.

Valoria team believes in people, in their aspiration for personal and professional fulfillment, and their willingness to accelerate their potential.

Edenred - special discount

Edenred is happy to offer a special discount for gift vouchers on Christmas. The offer is available for Edenred new customers only.

Edenred is the world leader in transactional solutions for companies, employees and merchants. Whether delivered via card, mobile app, online platform or paper voucher, all of these solutions mean increased purchasing power for employees, optimized expense management for companies and additional business for affiliated merchants.

Edenred's offer is built around three business lines: 
• Employee benefits (Ticket Restaurant®, Ticket Alimentación, Ticket Plus, Nutrisavings, etc.) 
• Fleet and mobility solutions (Ticket Log, Ticket Car, UTA, Ticket Empreserial, etc.) • Complementary solutions including corporate payments (Edenred Corporate Payment), incentives and rewards (Ticket Compliments, Ticket Kadéos) and public social programs.

The group brings together a unique network of 43 million employees, 750,000 companies and public institutions, and 1.4 million affiliated merchants. Listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange, Edenred operates in 42 countries, with close to 8,000 employees. In 2016, the Group managed almost €20 billion in transactions, of which 70% were carried out via card, mobile device or the web.


Creditinfo - special discount

Creditinfo Romania is happy to offer 25% discount applied to all products and services provided by the company. 

Creditinfo is recognised leader in providing diversified products and services in the area of credit risk management. The company enables clients to make better informed business decisions and improve their risk management infrastructure.

With more than 13 years experience, Creditinfo Romania provides the tools that allow companies to create and modify decision making rules as required, in order to respond to frequent changes in the business environment using only validated data supplied through official and public sources. Creditinfo Romania’s mission: being clients’ most valued partner by becoming the first credit bureau in Romania to provide business information, both positive and negative, as a result of projects that support the exchange of business information from official and private sources.


Ascent Group - special discount

Ascent Group
is happy to offer 10% discount applied to all services provided by the company. 

Ascent Group is a training & consulting group of companies providing high-quality services for foreign investors in Eastern Europe. The group, with offices in Romania (Arad, Bucharest, Brașov and Sibiu), Bulgaria (Sofia), Serbia (Belgrade) and Republic of Moldova (Chisinau), offers professional consultancy services in fields like: business startup and development, human resources and training, legal, financial and auditing services. All services are provided by high-level professionals with international experience.

In training and human resources development Ascent Group is constantly bringing innovating concepts into the market, such as: Corporate Entrepreneurship, Service Design and Design Thinking, Collective Leadership, Co-Active and Lean Coaching.


PKF Finconta - special discount

PKF Finconta is happy to offer 10% discount for tax advisory services provided by the company. 

The PKF Finconta firm was originally founded in 1994. The company grew consistently over the years, forming a Group of four companies: PKF Finconta, PKF Finconta Consultanta, PKF Finconta HR and Finconta Consulting SPRL. The Group grew rapidly in the late 2000’s at a time when most of the medium sized accounting firms were being swallowed up by mergers. 
Today, PKF Finconta Group is one of the most important mid-tier accounting & tax consultancy firms in the country, boasting a long-standing and well-established history of excellence with a range of clients which includes listed companies and multi-national conglomerates.

The company provides a wide range of business advisory and related specialist services. PKF has seven core areas of expertise and within these areas we tailor their services
1. Audit 
2. Corporate finance
3. Tax
4. Bookkeeping and accounting advisory services 
5. Transfer pricing
6. Payroll and personnel administration
7. Insolvency

AFS ROMANIA - free credit application check

 Access Financial Services Romania is happy to offer a free initial credit check (standard cost - 600 lei).

AFS is are a non-banking financial institution founded in 2007, dedicated to financing small and medium sized companies in Romania and to creating a viable alternative to bank financing. Access Financial Services- IFN SA is supported by strong financial shareholders who are determined to support the Romanian entrepreneurship development.

AFS provides flexible and fast solutions of funding on short term, with minimum collateral requirements. The management team is composed of professionals with a wide experience on the financial-banking market in Romania and abroad, willing to share knowledge and provide exquisite support to customers. AFS offers flexible and fast solutions of funding, with minimum collateral requirements, adapted to your company’s working capital needs.


Wise Finance Solutions - special discount

Wise Finance Solutions is happy to offer 10% discount applied to all services provided by the company

Wise Finance Solutions (WFS) is a consultancy company, expert in accessing EU funds, in obtaining funding through national programs and in mediating the relationship between potential beneficiaries and the institutions that coordinate the implementation and management of community financial assistance.

WFS has 100% success rate in accessing European and Governmental Funds. Also, WFS team has over 8 years of experience in providing consultancy services for business and management, for beneficiaries of grants, but also for organizations that need in their current activity expertise in the fields of: public acquisitions, business brokerage, business management, project management and engineering.

More details are available here: http://www.wfs.eu/en/


Business Review - special discount

 Business Review Magazine is happy to offer  special discounts at the subscription packages: 10% for the printed subscription and 30% for the online subscription.

Subscribe and don't miss the latest news coverage along with hard-hitting features, special interest columns, exclusive analyses and industry reports.  

Avocanet.ro Premium - special discount

Avocanet.ro Premium is happy to offer special discounts at the subscription packages: 15% discount for NRCC members and 10% discount for external companies.

Avocanet.ro Premium -  the information service that helps companies make better business decisions



Launched successfully in 2015 in Bucharest, NRCC NIGHT OF THE SMEs is aimed to the decision makers of SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises), using the set-up of a Gala Dinner, where the focus is on Knowledge Exchange channeled in various Key-Topics, Interaction and Networking.


  1. Seated Dinner: enjoy quality food & wines
  2. Meet your peers: connect with other decision makers from SMEs (100+) during Cocktail, Dinner, Intermission & After Drink
  3. Topic preference: you can pick specific topics of your interest
  4. Be informed on the topics of interest in an interactive way, focussed on your organisation
  5. Enjoy NRCC Live Talk: live interview, moderated by Lucian Mindruta. Special guest: Florin Talpes, CEO Bitdefender

    Fee for NRCC members – 85 euro / person

    Fee for members of befriended chambers / associations – 110 euro / person

    Fee for external companies – 125 euro / person

Register online here

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