NRCC Member in Spotlight - Interview- Danubius Travel

Tue | 28.08.2018

Tourism & Travel


1. Why is Danubius a member of the NRCC?

We believe it to be a great honor to be part of this organization. It allows us to be closer to business people whom we admire, people who have made a difference through their personal conduct and have helped build strong and important partnerships in Romania.
We believe in strong, mutually advantageous partnerships ourselves, which is why we are a proud member of NRCC.

2. What is the mission of Danubius as a company?

To develop and promote new standards of excellence for tourism and transportation services in Romania. We are committed to putting smiles on people's faces, by offering them unique and memorable experiences.
Our 27 years in the business demand this of us, and we believe that it is what our clients expect and deserve.

3. What kind of companies are your clients?

Our clients are similar to us in many ways. Their view of the business environment, their need for reliable partners and high quality services, and their win-win mentality, are the elements which brought us together.
Their companies have the same core needs we have, such as: timely delivery of services, transparency of the service delivery process, fair and transparent rates, and last but never least, great people that you can work well with, that you can relate to.
We believe its important to share similar values with our partners, to have trust at the core of our relationship. Everything else is secondary, and it flows seamlessly, as our people are very invested in providing quality services to them each and every time.

4. What are the latest trends in corporate travel?

We believe that accessibility, flexibility and transparency are the key trends from the point of view of the client.
Clients need fast and reliable access to products and services that match their needs and budgets, especially in the era of Internet. This is achieved through our online platforms which incorporate the services and products they need.
Clients need our consultants to be there at the ready, to assist them 24/7 if they should hit any snags, to quickly provide solutions to unpredictable situations that they might be facing. We do this very well, and we're improving every quarter.
Clients need to know where their money is going. Providing accurate reporting to them gives them a clear and in-depth view of their travel spending, so that together we can then optimize the services.
It is imperative that we ensure efficient communication with them through our consultants, and that their access to services and tourism products through our online platforms is always quick and faultless.

5. What are your views on the future of corporate travel?

There are many unknowns with regard to the future of corporate travel. Competition is steep, and the way to go for us is to find the right mix between human touch and technology.
Clients want reliability; they demand for the service delivery to happen consistently at the same quality level. Technology can help do that, yet we must not leave out the human element.
It's still sales, and in the service business a smile and a kind word will always top tech.

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