Interview with Al Kamara - GM Wave Division

Tue | 15.05.2018

Marketing & Advertising

1. Hello Al, firstly, please introduce yourself briefly.

I came to Romania in the 90s as a student of the University of Economic Studies in Bucharest. I quickly noticed that there was no such tradition of college graduation gowns in Romania and thought that high school students would enjoy having such wonderful memories. So, I started to implement this concept in the high schools and universities throughout Romania. It proved very successful and as a result, the Graduation Gown Set can be seen in most high schools and universities across the country at the end of academic year.

And it was from that point that I developed the idea to the next level: youth marketing - another fresh concept here. I explained its potential to large clients such as Nike, McDonald’s and Unilever, highlighting that young people would soon have the power to decide what brand they buy and use when they grow up. It is that very same spirit that I operate by today, and I ensure it is upheld in Wave Division, which has now been on the Romanian market for 17 years. The company offers a vast array of integrated services: In-store marketing, events management, in-store reality mining, and shopper activation, creative and strategic planning, digital and social media, POSM designs & production– to name a few. We are proud to be one of the top Romanian advertising agencies with several prestigious worldwide clients such as Unilever, United Romanian Breweries Bereprod (Tuborg), Nespresso, Kimberly Clark and Coca Cola, etc.


2. How did you find out about NRCC and what encouraged you to apply as a Member?

I heard a lot of good things about the activities of the NRCC, especially the events they organize. I really appreciate the active role of the NRCC members involved in the business environment and in the relationships with governmental and non-governmental institutions. I am glad that most of the NRCC members understand that the main value of any company is people.


3. With an extensive background in Sales, Marketing, Project Management and the Founder and CEO of Wave Division, how has your experience in all these domains helped you to become a leading man in the Business you currently represent?

Years of experience in different fields have given me the opportunity to make one of my dreams a reality - create and operate a successful advertising agency. Advertising has always been an area that has attracted me, due to the multitude of challenges. The training gained over the years has been pivotal in building a solid business that currently gathers a team of more than 45 people in the central office and a workforce of over 70 people on a regional level. Each field has provided me with expertise in areas such as sales and marketing.

Project management capabilities come in time: for me, one of most important principles in this area, is to find the most suitable people doing what they know best. After over 17 years of advertising experience, thousands of hours spent in the office and in the field, I can confidently say, that I am now more than ever, aware that in a successful business, the training never ends. Leadership is the sum of experience, but more than that, leadership is the sum of people.


4. The Wave Division portfolio contains big names from different industries such as telecommunications, tobacco, alcohol, FMCG and retail and has a presence in different countries across Central and Eastern Europe. Do you have any plans to expand throughout Western Europe or other markets anytime soon?

We are open to collaboration with any business where Wave Division’s 17 year experience could be beneficial to companies. This is how we have successfully managed to set up partnerships in 8 Eastern European countries and work to grow our business in these countries. The key to new business in other areas, is a team that can perfectly respond to the specifics of every country’s market.


5. Was 2017 a good year for Wave Division and what would be the future development plans for your company, strategically?

2017 was a very productive year. We successfully launched new services and signed-up important partnerships across Europe, developing our presence in South Eastern Europe, including Italy.

We extended our coverage through a unique concept - the Wave Central and Eastern European Hub, located in Bucharest, which allows us to serve clients across the SEE regions and beyond.

Our new innovative service, Shopper Reality Mining was also initiated last year in partnership with Dialogica, Italy.

The operations with our partners are orchestrated from our central hub, located in Bucharest.


6. If you were to describe NRCC in one sentence, what would it be?

An excellent facilitator for business opportunities and a strong promoter of a stable business environment in Romania.


7. As a final note, do you have a message for all of our members?

No matter how big a talent you are, and how many great ideas you have, you need to find a place with the proper personnel, that understands what you say - NRCC is such a place.

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