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Thu | 21.05.2020

Transport & Logistics

Transport is moving on all the time, literally and figuratively. Heisterkamp too. They offer a unique overall approach to transport based on more than 100 years of experience but focused on the future.


Their workforce of almost 1,500 dedicated specialists works 24/7 on transport solutions from their offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Latvia and Romania. The fleet consists of around 4,000 trailers and more than 750 trucks, all equipped with the most advanced communications tracking systems, since the digital highway has become just as important as asphalt. The service department offers the highest quality at the best rates while the trucking division works for top international logistic companies; transport companies rent or lease their equipment from them, with or without drivers, and appreciate the full-service options.

A reliable purchasing partner for trucking companies who want to sell their truck or trailer fleet. Companies looking for used equipment know exactly where they stand with Heisterkamp. All this makes them who they are today. Moving forward since 1919.



It all began in 1919 with one horse and a single wagon. Sixteen-year-old Antoon Heisterkamp transported barrels of beer and was regularly asked to take other people’s goods there and back on his route. And thus, the seeds of our current Heisterkamp Transportation Solutions were sown.

We have more than a century of transport experience and therefore know exactly what is happening on the roads. But above all we are a family business with short lines of communication, which enable us to act quickly and put people first. That makes us primarily a partner who can provide you with tailor-made advice. We are not brand-related and therefore we can always give you independent and objective advice. By purchasing on a grand scale, we can offer you interesting economies of scale and pricing benefits. Our company information technology system ensures smooth and efficient logistics, but also provides you with real-time information about the status of your freight.



As we have built up a strategic network of our own offices throughout Europe over the years, we can offer non-stop trucking. Our international customers can also benefit from all the other services we provide. We can serve our rental and lease customers and provide further service from our offices. Our locations in Oldenzaal and Travemünde have state-of-the-art workshops, which are gratefully used by a broad group of international customers. Nonstop trucking: the clue is in the name. The trucks and trailers from our Trailer Trucking division are constantly on the move and are rarely idle. Our transport is fast and most of all, safe. No delays for your load, but rest for the drivers. Non-stop trucking, non-stop safety.


Dedicated Interview with LAURA ISTRATE, General Manager of Heisterkamp Transport Romania

In order to further expand the strategic network, Heisterkamp opened an office in Cluj-Napoca (2015) and Iasi (2018). Laura started in 2015 as a Transport Coordinator and ADR Safety Advisor as the first employee and is now General Manager of Heisterkamp Transport Romania. Before joining Heisterkamp she already gained significant experience in the field of Transport and Logistics.

How would you describe Heisterkamp in Romania?

Looking back over the past few years, Heisterkamp Transport experienced a solid and extensive growth on the local market. From the first truck and the first driver to 90 trucks and more than 160 employees at this moment and we are still growing every year. This result has been possible because of our enthusiastic and committed Romanian team.

We know Heisterkamp is preoccupied with the environment, can you offer us some details on this topic?

As a company we are aware of our responsibility towards the planet we all live on. Therefore, we have already invested significantly in a modern and low emission fleet with EURO 6 engines. Additionally, our innovative Eco Training enables our drivers to improve driving behavior and to further reduce CO2 emissions. With highly advanced data analytics we monitor the eco results of our drivers and provide coaching and support to make a positive contribution to our planet with optimizing the driver behavior.

How do you see your development in the future?

In the coming years, we want to continue to expand in Romania with our Trucking division and will introduce our other divisions as well. As an example, our Trailer Rental division considers the Romanian market as an important opportunity for additional growth and will develop their current activities further in Romania.

What about Heisterkamp's involvement in the local business community?

Heisterkamp wants to contribute and learn from the Dutch-Romanian business community. As we operate in Romania since 2015, we consider it important to be present and visible on the local market. Therefore, we decided to become a member of the NRCC and to participate in the Logistics & Transport taskforce. Through the taskforce, Heisterkamp can exchange experiences in the Romanian logistics field and brainstorm with the other taskforce members about a variety of topics related to transport and logistics in Romania.



24/7 NON-STOP trucking. Our overall approach to the transport industry: fully controlled haulage from A to B. Trailer Trucking is the beating heart of Heisterkamp Transportation Solutions. You take care of the goods and the loading; we will take care of transporting them to their destination.


Truck Rental & Leasing
An extensive fleet with different versions and types of various renowned brands. Within our fleet we can offer you exactly the right truck to meet your wishes and needs. All our tractor units can be equipped with compression and hydraulics as required. We can deliver all types of chassis, including BDF. Of course, you will benefit from all our additional maintenance, repair and tire services, including our unique Breakdown Service. We take care of all insurance and taxes too.


Trailer Rental & Leasing

Heisterkamp Trailer Rental & Leasing has exactly the trailer that you are looking for, ranging from chassis, reefer trailers and box van trailers to curtainsiders side, city and air cargo trailers.

Whether you require short-term rental (one day) or long-term lease, we can immediately provide a suitable trailer for any rental term subjected to the best conditions. We are happy to make a customized offer, at very attractive full-service rates. If you need any advice, our expert staff will be happy to assist you and to contribute ideas.


Used Trucks & Trailers

If you are looking for used trucks or top-quality trailers, or you just want to sell your truck and trailer fleet, our Used Trucks & Trailers department is your buying and selling partner. Are you considering winding up your business, keen to increase your profit margin on your balance sheet or freeing up liquidity? Every day we purchase used trucks and trailers worldwide. If you intend to sell

your fleet to free up capital but wants to continue to use it.


We always have a large and current stock of used trucks and trailers, both young and older versions. If you have specific wishes, we are always able to find what you are looking for through our global customer network.


Our Service Division in The Netherlands includes a dedicated trailer workshop, a professional truck workshop and a modern damage repair center with paint shop. Our Fleet Service, including the 24/7 Breakdown Service and Fleet Management is also based there, making a real one-stop-shop. Our service division has around 90 employees, some of whom work at our truck and trailer workshop in Germany.


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