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Tue | 10.07.2018


ID (Inspired Design) is the brand name under which Iulia Iuga-Dohmen, artist and designer of Romanian origin performs her artistic and commercial activities. ID brings new identities to spaces it decorates under the slogan "Inspired Design". Focusing on residential, office and commercial spaces, Inspired Design has been responsible for creating the interior design for various projects including the former private residence of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Bucharest, several Geta Voinea Hair and Beauty Salons and elements of the Hilton Athenee Palace and Novotel Hotel.

1. Hello Iulia, please introduce yourself to the NRCC Community:

I have a Design Company, Inspired Design, which focus on interior design for commercial and residential spaces. So I make designs, execute and supervise implementation. It’s a great job with a lot of satisfaction, when people for example buy a house and then let you design the interior (which last for about 20 years) it is a great responsibility. No matter whether it is a large project or small. It is the idea that these people trust you with the next 20 years of their interior so of their life.

2. Why did you become a member of the NRCC and how does it meet your expectations?

I have been a member since 4 years. There were several reasons for that of which the most obvious one is that my husband is Dutch. But there is more to it of course. For my work it is important to have fresh new look on things, following international trends etc. being part of an international Business Community helps me with that. Another important note will be the obviously getting in contact with people, expanding my network thus potential collaborations. I can say that by being a member who steadily attend events I surely achieved that. I join as much events as I can from the NRCC. Especially the dedicated events like Night of the SMEs, CEO DINNER, Orange Night are just……from another level.

3. You are an Interior Designer. Can you explain what that means and where can we find your work?

Traditionally an interior designer is all about moving furniture. I go beyond that and deliver services from A-Z which means, design, implementation, project management and after-care. With design I not only refer to how a living room should look like, I also design furniture. So you will find me working on construction sites with constructors, plumbers, electricians and of course with suppliers regarding furniture etc. and much less behind the computer.  I do residential spaces as well as commercial spaces. For example, for some years I operated as the exclusive Designer for the Geta Voinea Hair & Beauty Salons in Bucharest, people that have meetings in for example Novotel or Hilton will find my work there as well. And for the Dutch people, the (previous) residence for the Dutch Ambassadors in Bucharest I did some years ago. At the moment I work on the office of Bitcoin Romania (also a member of the NRCC).

4. There are many Interior Designers and Design companies in Romania. What do you believe sets you apart from them?

Well…I encountered in my work many things that compared to Western Countries are badly done and influence a whole sector. In the end, the end consumer is the one that has eventually deal with it: a badly constructed house means future problems for the owner. Badly produced hand/made furniture means costly replacements. Apart from the fact that I make sure I am in the middle of this (project management) and thus can avoid my clients to be caught up in all this I am on a clear mission here: I want to make everybody in this sector aware what should be improved, and I want to educate people on how to deal with these misfits. I am making a vlog regarding the construction of my own house where I do just that. I show the whole process, with its merits and it’s flaws, following a simple effective structure: detect-confront-solve. I literally put the people involved in the problem in front of the camera to make them explain why they left the work like that in error. And then I discuss with them why it is wrong and how we fix it. In the meantime I have my own constructor technically explaining the why of the error and why it is a common error. In other words, if you construct a house, or plan to do so be sure to check out the vlog, so that you are well prepared.

5. Many Romanian designers complain about the market in Romania being to tight, problems with suppliers, clients making them lay their ambitions outside Romania. Why are you still in Romania?

I am a proud Romanian and I love Romania. I do not feel the  need to establish my brand in another country because that does not solve the problem. The only way too change (at least in my field of expertise) is to stay and make an effort in educating the whole segment. To educate the players in the market, to raise the standard, the ethics, to inform the clients. Only this way prevent new generations of talented designers to leave; by creating a better Eco System For Interior Designers.

6. What are the latest trends in home design?

I am focussing on Smart Home Solutions. On every level. So in my own house I installed a special water filter. That filter cleans the water before it comes out of the tab. That means you can drink it safely. So no more endless bottles to take from supermarket and no more plastic waste. Simple, effective and good for the environment. But also the technical solutions, that allow you to control elements in the house via applications: temperature regulation, security, lights, sound. It is a really interesting phenomenon with endless possibilities. I always explain my clients regarding the possibilities and benefits from smart solutions.

7. Do you have anything to say to your fellow NRCC Members that read this? 

Yes of  course! Anyone needs an Interior Designer?


Point of View: Smart Living

Smart Living is a term frequently heard. It is the combination of solutions in your home that are not conventional and benefit in reduction. Think of reducing energy, but also reducing efforts etc. Everyone has seen by now at someone’s home smart lighting. Sensors pick up your presence and voila: light pops on. Saves you switching buttons. You can change the color at any time to your desires. Or placing cameras so you can live trough your phone and/or tablet view the premises or inside the house. This is what most people think of when we talk about smart solutions.

So as an Interior Designer this is something to be taken into consideration. And that is what I do, but I want to take that further. As an interior designer it is my goal  and duty to point out all relevant solutions, which are good for the client, but also for the environment/ Sort of a new layer upon the existing work. Think of heating being switched off/on from a distant in order to have the house on a certain temperature when you arrive.

How about sound and lights throughout the whole house, and all to be operated by Google thus by your voice command only.” Google put on some music in the kitchen”,  or how about obvious things that we not realise: we are all used to buy bottles of water to drink from. So that is an endless buying and carrying  process of heavy 4 litters bottles of water.

A smart solution is to use a special filter where the water comes out. That filter cleans the water and of the same quality as the bottled water. I use this in my own home. You get upon request a special testing bottle for the quality of water. You fill it and then return it to them. They will determine than the quality of the water which is vital for choosing the right filter.

Once that filter is installed: no more bottles of water needed. It’s important embrace the smart living concept as it really improves daily life.


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