Mobility News by Business Lease, July 2022

Wed | 20.07.2022

Operational Leasing

Statistics show that summer time comes with higher risks and higher number of traffic incidents. Read below the interview with Mircea Ungureanu, Head of Operations Services Business Lease for useful information on how to better approach such events.


1. What do statistics say about unforeseen events?  

From Damage perspective, most of the events are considered unforeseen, events that are happening usually because of a lack of attention from the driver or drivers that are involved. As we can see also in the official statistics, Business Lease has almost the same split of the accident type from time perspective and not only.


  • 80% of the accidents are happening during daytime
  • 20% of the accidents are happening during night


Over 90% of the accidents that are reported take place in Romania as well, on clean roads (without ice or water) and during the typical vacation months. With the highest frequency in July, August, and December.


Considering the Business Lease fleet, we can see that in general the behaviour of our customers is a preventive one. This being a both a result of the internal organization of each of our customers and our consultative approach in terms of defensive driving and general safety rules.


2.What are the key challenges when these events happen?

There are many things adjusting this list of challenges which are the location, the time and the severity of the accident taking their toll on each particular case. But all in all, when such unpleasant circumstances occur on holiday, and especially when babies or toddlers can be affected, the actions that make it possible to continue the journey as soon as possible are actually the key.


3. What are the steps a driver needs to consider in case of any accident?

If going on a holiday, minimal preparation for such events should be conducted before, so that you have at hand in your car useful information about the procedure in case of accident in the countries you’re transiting. But, in any circumstances there are some basic rules you need to follow: STOP, no matter the accident is a minor one, PROTECT THE SCENE, so that no further incidents occur, CALL THE POLICE, if you are not sure on how to proceed, KEEP ACCURATE RECORD, TAKE PICTURES to document the accident, EXCHANGE INFORMATION with the other driver(s) involved, REPORT THE DAMAGE to the insurance company, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION in case of any injury or pain, KEEP A FILE, gathering together all the documents and pictures taken and if you do not know how to protect your rights, SEEK FOR LEGAL ADVICE.  


4. Is there difference in the case of an operational leasing car?

For our clients the main contact point is our internal damage department and drivers involved in any car accident can immediately contact us for support. They will receive all the details related to reporting, document filling, filing the claim and furthermore they will benefit from 24/7 road assistance. So, the leasing company basically takes over all the hustle and bustle related to documenting each step in the process. And the simple fact that a car user knows that he has at any moment someone who could offer solutions in difficult situations that involve the vehicle used is the most significant and advantageous difference.


This article was provided by our Mobility Partner, Business Lease Romania

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