A New Vice-President for the NRCC in 2021, Interview with Serban Isopescu-Weber

Thu | 01.07.2021


The NRCC Board of Directors appointed as its new Vice-President Mr. Serban Isopescu-Weber, Health Systems Leader of Philips Romania, venerable & supportive member of the NRCC! 

Interview with Serban Isopescu-Weber:


1). Dear Serban, please introduce yourself shortly to the NRCC Community:

The simplest question always requests the most difficult answer. My name is Serban and there are only a few things which define me stronger than my commitment to leave a lasting mark in the health sector. Driven by this purpose, I have dedicated most of my professional years to Philips, putting passion into improving people’s health in Romania and across the region.

I am a free spirit, a strong believer in The Good, The Right, The Beautiful. But I know that these can only be achieved by working together, joining the best of our efforts and resources. That is why I am proud to be a part of the NRCC Community and offer my own and my team’s pledge to be an active and valuable contributor to its mission.


2). How did you find out about the NRCC and its activities?

Philips is a long-standing member of the Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce and one of the most active supporters of its activities. My mandate continues the legacy of other colleagues who invested their energy to contribute to the local business community, to the bilateral business relations between The Netherlands and Romania and to the NRCC infrastructure itself. For example, my predecessor to the NRCC Board is founder of the Environmental Committee, which approached air pollution, among other topics.

Please, allow me to thank my fellow colleagues and offer my appreciation for their great job in representing Philips in NRCC and across the relevant industry forums that we are a part of! Nevertheless, let me also mention my enthusiasm in continuing the solid work done so far through, by: actively contributing to the Netherlands-Romanian business community; representing a health & technology world leader in all NRCC’s efforts to engage with its stakeholders; joining forces, know-how and the capabilities of Philips team and brand to develop the industry.  


3). What are your plans for your 2 year mandate as Vice-President?

Philips’s vision and mission are closely related to my own goals and aspirations, to make the world healthier and more sustainable. It is the reason I get up and come to work every day. I understand deeply that if I do my job well, I can improve the lives of patients, be it a diabetic, a chronic heart-failure patient, or a young, first-time mother.

Talking about our Philips Team, we are a technology company that cares about people, so my aim is to nurture an environment where people can grow, learn, and develop, with career opportunities for everyone.

Talking about external stakeholders, including NRCC, I aim to further strengthen partnerships with key stakeholders within the innovation triangle of academia, government, and industry. We believe in continuous improvements, evaluating how we have performed and find the to improve further, in order to bring innovation across the health continuum – from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care. These are fundamental factors in taking the next step and focusing on value-based and high-quality healthcare that is both accessible and affordable for patients.

Therefore, during these 2 years, I aim to be a reliable and trustful partner for my NRCC peers, in all initiative that aim to develop our industry and our society, a supporting voice for the NGOs within the dedicated NGO committee and, nevertheless, a valuable contributor to a sustainable future of all.


4). If you were to describe NRCC in one sentence, how would that sound?

NRCC is a professional forum that speaks with one powerful and authentic voice in the Romanian society!


5). In the end, please send a message to the members.

There is always a way to make life better!


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