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Leuk! Home is inspired by Dutch design and is dedicated to those who love original and special interior spaces!

"As an interior designer, I believe that decorations should beautify the house, just as jewellery gives a woman shine and elegance." says Iulia Iuga-Dohmen, the initiator of this exclusive project. Find out more about it, by reading the interview below: 


1. Hello Iulia, please introduce yourself to the NRCC Community:

With my company Inspired Design I am for 7 years now a proud member of the NRCC Community.  I operate on an international level focusing on private and commercial spaces.


2. You have recently launched an online store. We’d love to hear more about this endeavour.

Every time I finish a design project there is the finishing touch of decorating it. Decorations are very important to an interior, as it contributes to the atmosphere. The cherry on the cake so to say. I experienced some difficulties each time finding on the Romanian market the more luxury and premium items, with high quality and have a wow factor.  You will not find this in for example Mob Expert or Ikea.  Getting frustrated of not finding what I want, I decided to start my own (online) store for premium decorations.


3. How would you define LEUK!Home, and what does LEUK! mean?

“Leuk” is a Dutch word which carry several meanings with a positive connotation and can be applied to situations and things. It means as much as fun, nice, cute, adorable, beautiful, interesting, special.  I am a lot in the Netherlands and absolutely love the design from there and work also with Dutch suppliers for my projects when I can.


4. What is unique about the LEUK!Home store?

I select the products myself. I select what I would use in my own projects in terms of design, quality. I search for that special spark. I am not just offering nice decorations; I offer only what I would use myself.


5. What is the trend for Christmas decorating for 2021?

The trend for this years’ Christmas, (and the next) is to have more than one tree in your house. Of course of different seizes. This year there is also a clear focus on small glittery items instead of the traditional globes. So, a lot of silver and gold, or Bling Bling as you will. Excellent to give as gifts, a set of glittering items for in the Christmas tree, or just as seasonal decoration.


6. Leuk!Home is selling also Christmas Globes. And they are stunning! Unlike anything we have seen before. Can you tell us a bit more about them? And which is your favorite?

The Christmas items are from Vondels. This is a Dutch company which specializes in decorations based on glass. Vondels is unique in their style, and I am a fan of the brand. I find their collection quite daring. I have two favourites. I love the red lips; they are really eye catching. But as designer I have a soft spot for detail; the small Champagne glass has champagne in it.


7. Any Christmas gifts tips?

Well, check out the Leuk!Home site. Apart from the seasonal items for Christmas such as the globes with all their glittering which are obvious, suitable items are items which are funny and purposeful. Think of a Christmas décor figurine with a scent candle, or home fragrance. Perhaps a champagne corkscrew, a cute wine opener or a candy bowl. These are just a few ideas.  


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