NRCC Member in Spotlight - Interview- PRINTMASTERS

Thu | 06.09.2018

Consumer goods

Meet Jacques de Boer,  Managing Director at PRINTMASTERS, a fast growing Dutch owned company based in Romania, specialized in decorating and printing  industrial and promotional products. 


1. When and why did Printmasters establish itself in Romania?

Printmasters was originally established in 2008 in Romania to outsource printing activities for mainly Belgium customers to lower labor cost. In time, the company with around 30 employees was acquired by Xindao (top 5 worldwide sales of (personalized) promotional items, NL-based) and since 2014 is 100% owned. Printmasters and the aligned warehouse are a strategic activities for the mother company. Xindao is a 100% Dutch company, active in the field of designing, outsourced manufacturing and selling of promotional items in B2B and B2C channels.

All goods are sent worldwide from the Cicarlau’s warehouse where we are based. From 2014 when Printmasters moved into a state-of-the-art facility, the company grew and developed with double digits in all senses. We employ now 300 people and business in general grow each year around 25%. For more info also check our sites:


2. Why is Printmasters a member of the NRCC?

We believe that being part of NRCC can be helpful, as NRCC and it’s members can share and evaluate all kind of development in Romania. From tax to political moves, from environmental till labor law issues. But also, to share learnings in development of business, recruiting, training, courses, etc. Next to this, the commitment is strong, open and enables to do also business between members as we do.


3. Can you explain what is Printmasters’s main activity?

Printmasters should be seen as an operational excellence platform where we offer to our customers one-stop shopping for their personalization needs of promotional items. We have all expertise in-house to design your logo and personalize products from 1 to millions of pieces, through our 12 printing techniques. We can offer a wide range of products and personalization methods: from engraving on metal, pad print on drink ware, digital print on RFID cards, embroidery on back packs, diamond engraving on glass, etc etc.  We serve mainly the sales of Xindao, next to this, we have long term partnerships with other customers all over the world. On our platform, we take also care of all inbound, storage (till 18.000 pallets), shipping (if needed next day in Europe) and all kind of Value Added Logistics to customers relieve.


4. Does Printmasters have business dealings with other members of the NRCC?

If possible, we try to link to other members of the NRCC. Recently, we have started a cooperation with It’sme ESELEKTRO from Cluj for a lighting project and also one for line automation through robotizing.


5. What are the latest trends in your field of activity? How do you anticipate on these trends?

We should look at different topics here, as need to adjust and adapt to many trends in our daily operations, market. If we take a look at the business, we are always challenging ourselves to work smarter and more efficient. In order to achieve this, we started to implement principles and tools of lean manufacturing. At first, in 2017 together with the Kaizen institute Romania we have established a project in our internal “Continuous Improvement Teams” with coordinators for each type of activity: from logistics, production till information flow. The business we are in, requires a 100% on-time delivery and a guaranteed turn-around time of orders. Currently, we achieve <48 hours for 95% of all our activity, this brings us to the best and steady performers of the industry.

If we speak about other trends, we can refer to environmental rules which we consider necessary for Romania. We are aware of waste reduction plans, recycling, hazards waste collection, all these aspects are getting more and more professional.


6. How can Printmasters help improve the image of its customers or the members and thus bring more exposure?

With the experience of Printmasters over the years in the promotional personalization business, we can support our customers with their needs, also for members (which are not a customer yet). In combination with the wide range of Xindao products, our teams will find a suitable proposal for each request. If you have a look around, the Brand, the Name “talks”. A branded product with a Logo of the company on it is a wonderful tool for marketing, for being noticed and remembered. And, we are serving our customers by making it happen: to make sure that your Name; Logo will look great and will last.


7. Is Printmasters in their production process environmentally conscious?

By being active in the printing industry we use ‘less’ environmentally friendly products for the production. Especially, in the screen printing and transfer department we work a lot with inks and glues.

In our daily operation, we are dividing the different sorts of waste. This gives us the possibility to direct it to the right companies that take care of ‘polluted’ waste.

We are striving as one of the innovators to reduce our foot- print daily in every possible way. Our main goal is: to be completely water based by 2020 where possible.


8. What kind of people work at Printmasters?

Being located 20 km from Baia Mare, so in the more rural area, you can find in our company a diversity of people. We focus on young at heart, dedicated and professional, daring and taking responsibility, conscious and result team players. In order to achieve this, we train all our employees according to the 3R concept: Responsibility, Respect and Results.

In the area we are located, Printmasters is known as a people orientated and result driven organization. We promote the 13 benefits of the company when we can, some of them: internal promotion, trainings, health insurance, etc. We are working daily to make everyone feel that, they are an important player in the organization, that we are one team, exactly as our slogan says “We are Printmasters”.


9.  Do you have any message to your fellow members?

Building up a business from practically scratch is never easy but, with aligning the right people and giving them a challenge and responsibility, miracles can be done. I believe, Printmasters showed it in many ways that, it is possible to build a solid and highly specialized business in Romania with right attitude and strong commitment of all people involved.


“We are Printmasters” and together we can make it happened."


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