NRCC Member in Spotlight Interview -

Mon | 28.06.2021

IT&C is an enterprise software company based in Romania that has become the meeting point for a great attitude and technical expertise. They have created a sustainable intrapreneurial environment where people can grow both personally and professionally. Find more details from a dedicated interview with Irina Arsene, CEO & Founder at


1. Please introduce yourself to the NRCC Community:

Hello, I am Irina, and I am a mother, a partner, a friend and an entrepreneur. I take a lot of energy from the people around me, especially from the youngest ones for whom it is a real pleasure to create environments where they can be themselves and grow, sometimes even beyond their imagination. I never stop learning, including formal education, so I have a lot of degrees which presented chronologically look like this BSc and MSc in Computer Science, Executive MBA, Certified Director by IoD London, LNV program at Harvard and currently I am in a three-year program for Owners at Harvard Business School. My two passions - for people and technology - are translated into the two businesses I created, one for background screening where we aim to empower a trustworthy business environment in Romania and - a software house making technology work for our partner’s businesses.


2. What attracted you to become a NRCC member?

Some of our partners are members and through them we followed NRCC activity for a while. We liked that you are such an active Chamber of Commerce and that you focus on bringing businesses together. Our operations are international, and we are now going towards local presence on the markets where our main partners are, starting with an office in the Netherlands. It was only natural to join you.


3. You are one of the most trusted companies by the large enterprises. How did you accomplish this?‘s  mission is to mind our clients’ business and this is reflected in all our actions. We genuinely care about the people we work with and how we can support to grow their business. We always deliver is one of our mantras and this is a key factor in building a healthy relationship based on trust and ownership. 


4. Your company offers a complex range of services. What are the tendencies and challenges for years to come?

The IT outsourcing follows the technological trends and is very adaptable. Business intelligence is already a reality, and we shall see new applications of this in existing and new business sectors, the same for artificial intelligence. Also, more than ever we live in a world of collaboration, and this will be seen in how companies choose their partners and how much of their operations will choose to leave it to their outsourcing partners, so that they can focus on their core business. 


5. You have a large client base. Are these only Romanian or also foreign companies?

The market where we offer our services is formed mostly of DACH countries. Our partners are large enterprises and technology start-ups with whom we created long-term relationships and we are now implementing a geographical diversification strategy which targets the Benelux market. In Romania we only have one client, a subsidiary of an international company. 


6. What distinguishes you from your competitors?

Our only competition is with the very best version of ourselves and every day we are trying to be better, to learn and grow. We are proud of the environment we built, with a healthy culture based on freedom, ownership and functional teams that make our clients happy (and even applaud during demos of the applications we develop for them). We stay true to our values and keep our promises, like any professional does.


7. As a final note, what is your message to your fellow NRCC members?

We are happy to be part of this network and we look forward to finding out more about you during the events organized by NRCC. We hope we shall be able to support each other’s plans and learn from each other.


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