Crowe Romania and engage in the automation of the single return form and the offering of personalized consultancy

Mon | 18.04.2022


Crowe Romania and sign a strategic partnership, aimed at offering integrated digital services, as well as continued consultancy for natural persons that have the obligation to submit the single return form.

Each year, over 1 million single return forms are submitted. Until the 25th of May 2022, the single return form must be submitted for determination of incomes, ascertaining tax amounts and social contributions for the generated revenues, as well as the tax and social contribution estimates for 2022. As a response to the current economic climate, in the process of digitalization and high-tech and in the context of global taxation, the single return form comes to the aid of taxpayers who, amongst other things, generate income from rent, virtual currencies or transfers of securities. Through the strategic partnership, the Crowe Romania professionals offer consultancy for a better understanding of complex fiscal processes and the correct and automated submission of the single return form. is the platform that responds to the need for fiscal conformation and has the single return form at its core – the ANAF form through which the income of natural persons is declared and the income tax, pension and health contributions are calculated. Furthermore, the platform also allows you to redirect the 3.5% from your tax for NGOs.

According to Eduard Alexandrian, Co-founder,, „the partnership came to life as a result of the trust built in almost 10 years of collaboration. The diversification of income sources, rising due to opportunities offered by technology, comes with new challenges for the fiscal conformation of natural persons. The high professionalism and the solid international reputation of Crowe Romania allow us to offer our users clear, reliable and easy to use solutions for the use of the single return form.

Starting with the year 2018, the single return form has become an integrated voluntary compliance instrument and an empowering and educational tool for natural persons, in the context of declaring and fairly taxing income. Furthermore, digitalisation or, to be precise, the use of apps for various purposes amongst natural persons, has become an integrated part of everyone’s daily life. Thus, during the existing partnership between Crowe Romania and KNS, the natural desire to develop a platform that removes the burden of voluntary compliance for natural persons occurred. The common goal of the partnership is to provide an easy to use product, along with personalized consultancy, when needed’’, shares Mitel Spătaru, Tax Partner, Crowe Romania.

The consultants of Crowe Romania join with the scope of providing users with optimal solutions, regardless of the single return forms’ degree of difficulty. This partnership adds expertise to the existing services provided by the platform, amid a successful and long-lasting partnership.


Crowe Romania, member of Crowe Global, is one of the biggest professional services Romanian companies, that offers integrated accounting, payroll. Audit, consultancy and tax services. The company dedicates its activity to providing clients with a wide range of top-quality services.  is a product launched in 2021 by KNS, company that, since 2012, specialises in the automation of fiscal forms. Declarația Unică already has thousands of users and a few hundred generated single return forms!

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