Meet the candidates for the NRCC 2017 elections

Wed | 01.03.2017


On 8th of March 2017, NRCC will hold its annual General Assembly of Members, at hotel angelo by Vienna House of Bucharest, starting with 16:00 o'clock.

Meet the three members that decided to candidate for a position in the NRCC Board of Directors. 


Gerke Witteveen (42) has extensive experience in Finance and Risk Management roles in the insurance industry. Most recently, he joined Nationale Nederlanden (NN) Group in November 2016 as CFO for its Romanian subsidiary. Prior to joining NN, he worked for 11 years with Achmea, another leading Dutch insurance company. He previously stayed in Romania from 2008 until 2013, as CFO in Romania for Achmea’s subsidiary Eureko/Interamerican.

He started his career as consultant at OC&C Strategy Consultants, after graduating the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam with a master’s degree in Business Economics. Gerke is also head of the Life & Health Insurance section of the Romanian Insurance Association (UNSAR), and a member of the CFO Club Romania, an informal gathering of CFOs of leading Romanian companies. He is a Dutch citizen, married to Irina, they have a 3-year old son together. 

Reasons to apply
NN will this year celebrate its 20th year on the Romanian market. Starting in 1997, it has established itself as the market leader in its field of Life Insurance and Pensions in Romania, like it is in the Netherlands. As such, NN has built strong ties in the Romanian community. Naturally, as one of the leading Dutch companies in Romania, it is also a longstanding and active member of the NRCC. This makes NN a suitable member to represent the Dutch-Romanian business community as part of the NRCC Board of Directors.

The NRCC plays an active and important role in bringing companies together, and I look forward support its goals by contributing my experience and network. As a board member, I would look to further strengthen the NRCC network with other business communities, in order to facilitate new opportunities for cooperation. A further aim would be to bring together various interest groups on current issues that are of relevance to the business community at-large and specifically the NRCC membership, thereby creating the most effective lobby possible.



Isfahan is a Dutch citizen and since 2003 active in doing business in Romania.

NRCC member since 2008 and board member since 2010 Isfahan has been creating diversity in the board and has been looking after the interest of SME and entrepreneurs. He is a strong advocate for Transparency and Ethics in Business and very active in connecting members with the objective of members doing more business with each other.

In 2003 he started in Romania working for one of the 5 star hotel chains which he left in 2005 to start his own business.  At this moment his main activities are in corporate real estate brokerage and business consultancy. Together with his team he assists companies in finding their new office locations and their management in finding their new home in Bucharest. Further he enjoys connecting people and businesses.

One of Isfahan's passions is the development of a Real estate Management software which he has started developing in 2009 and which he uses for optimizing his real estate business.

He is married to Violetta and together they have a little girl.  

Reasons to apply

I am very pleased to be running again for the position of board member of the NRCC. Being part of a team that has made huge steps forward in creating more and more value for her members and in uplifting the profile of the NRCC has been and still is very fulfilling and rewarding. Even after 7 years in the board the drive and passion is still there to further develop the NRCC business community in quantity and in quality.

As many of you know my main role is connecting our members, mainly small medium businesses and entrepreneurs, and looking after their interests. After all: I myself am an entrepreneur and a small business representative and I understand how important it is for most of the members to have the possibility to do business with each other.

The NRCC has still a lot to achieve and can, and has to in my opinion, become a stronger voice on behalf of business interests in Romania. Doing business in Romania is very dynamic/challenging and still has a long way to go to reach its full potential. I believe that we as Dutch Romanian business community can play an important role in helping Romania to reach their full potential and I wish to be part of this team contributing to this. This is why I am asking again for your support to be one of the board members in the coming years!


Mihaela Raluca Tudor is the Managing Director of Tudor Communication, a PR & Brand Journalism Agency. Her agency, Tudor Communication, is specialized in strategic and unlimited media relations and wow events. Last year they promoted two of the most important events in Romania the musical and cultural show - Parsifal of Richard Wagner at Romanian Athenaeum by Christian Badea and the Balkan Equestrian Championship 2016.

Mihaela started her career as a TV journalist and worked as a special reporter in a national television. After seven years, she became a personal media advisor for the President of Superior Council of Magistracy. Before she created her own company, in 2012, she worked also as a PR Executive for a multinational company.

Her business story was published in a book - The economic force of women, written by former minister of economy, Andreea Paul.

Reasons to apply
I’ve been an active member of NRCC for aprox. three years. I’m very happy to see how NRCC has transformed into a bigger, active and national expanded community. 

I’ve come up to the decision of apllying for this post – Board Member - because I believe that I can help even more in the quality expansion of the community and awareness of what we do and a great reputation of how the two countries do business together. Therefore this would be my two main objectives. 

- only NRCC members that renewed their 2017 membership can vote
- companies can attend the event with more representants, but vote ONLY ONCE
- in case it is impossible to attend the event, a member company can express its option also via online voting. The 2017 online voting form must be sent an, until 8th of March, 13:00 o'clock. 

Discover here more details regarding the board member's role and profile. 


Like always, the General Assembly will be followed by a Networking Drink, starting with 19:00 o'clock. Please register at

The General Assembly is dedicated only to NRCC members. The Networking Drink event is opened for external companies, registration fee 100 lei / pp.

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