EU grants up to 6 Mil Euro for SME-s investment projects

Fri | 22.05.2020


A NEW financing line dedicated to SME-s will be open very soon, with grants between 2 to 6 million euro, for investment projects in any region except for Bucharest Ilfov. The draft guide is published in public consultation by 29th of May, and following this period the line for the submission of projects will be opened.


·        creating  a new production /service unit (location),  construction space;

·        expanding the capacity of an existing unit by increasing the production volume for at least one product /service;

·        diversification of a unit through products /services that were not previously manufactured in that unit.


THE GRANT VALUE is between 2 mil euro and 6 mil euro with a maximum financing rate of:

·        60% for medium-sized enterprises (between 50 and 249 employees and turnover of up to 50 million euros), except for investments made in the West region where financing is 45%.

·        70% for small enterprises (between 10 and 49 employees and turnover of up to 10 million euros), except for investments made in the West region where financing is 55%.


ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS are companies that fulfil the following minimum criteria:

  • Are classified as SMEs (= less than 250 employees and up to 50 million euro turnover and / or have total assets of up to 43 million euros);
  • Have at least 1 year of activity (to be established no later than January 2019) and registered an operating profit (> 0 lei) in the previous fiscal year;
  • Have an investment project located, in urban areas, any region except for Bucharest Ilfov (only medium size companies can do investments in rural areas).
  • The investment must be on an eligible field of activity, main or secondary - see the list of financed CAEN codes here.
  • ü  The project must include an initial investment in tangible assets such as: construction or extension of capacity and/or equipment purchasing.

Find more details here.


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