NRCC Member in Spotlight - Interview- David Intercar

Mon | 16.07.2018

Transport & Logistics

1.  Hello Ortansa, please introduce yourself to our community.

I am Ortansa David, I am the founder and owner of DAVID INTERCAR, a car rental and transport services company, established in 2005.

I started my business driving for Dutch businessmen that had to go to the shipyards in Galati, Mangalia and along the Danube.


2.  Can you explain what services you exactly offer?

We provide any service related to the transport needs of business people and tourists. This ranges from airport transfers, to car rental, to transport for NATO officials and also services for tourist including for example travel & visiting suggestions and programs.


3.  Why did you become a member of the NRCC?

Two of my mentors, Robin Martens and Gerard Kuijs (founders of the DRN and Robin also a former Vice President of the NRCC) told me to join as it would be good for networking and also being part of a nice group with many interesting activities and meetings.


4.  Is your organization benefiting from being part of our community?

Yes, as networking is an important aspect of marketing and sales, and as said above it is also fun.


5.  What set’s your business apart from your competition?

Our Dutch high service standards and flexibility.


6.  Are you active only in the Bucharest area or are you covering more parts of Romania?

We are active all over Romania and even beyond, like Ukraine and Bulgaria.


7.  What is the latest trend in your business?

The general trends are higher quality, flexibility and service; all aspects that are already basics to our services.


8.  What kind of cars you use and why?

Cars from Mercedes Benz  and Volkswagen Group (e.g. Audi, VW, Skoda), key reasons: high quality, comfort, and in the long-term the most economic for our business.


9.  Are you actively participating in NRCC events, so people know when and where to catch you?

Yes I do, and yes they do. But of course more and more people should experience our services!


10.  You have anything to say to the members of our community?

Well, first and foremost: Lots of success with all your businesses and activities in Romania! And you know, when they have success, I will have it too.

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