Mobility News by Autonom, September 2021

Mon | 20.09.2021

Operational Leasing

Autonom and Valetino are talking about how drivers can save the time spent on vehicle related tasks in a dedicated interview with Ionuț Dorel Motoi – Founder & CEO, part of Autonom Group.


What is the amount of time a driver spends yearly on car-related tasks nowadays?

Cars are helping us with mobility and save a lot of commuting time. Nevertheless, there are specific tasks and duties a driver needs to perform to maintain the vehicle in good condition. We calculated that a driver spends over 100 hours every year just to take care of the vehicle: car wash, seasonal tire-changes, technical inspection, periodical check and so on. That’s a working day each month, on average. And, as we all know, time is the most expensive resource we have.


What would be the impact of this time in terms of productivity and work life-balance?

We discussed with businesses and private individuals and found out that professionals would love spending that amount of time on value-production tasks rather than waiting for a car to be cleaned or fixed. Or even getting home earlier to have quality family time rather than stopping by a tyre-shop to prepare for the cold season. Companies requested specifically an option which will allow their employees to do their regular tasks and not drive their cars to the service shops. It was a couple of years ago when I was personally busy with a project and my car needed a wash when I thought: what if a valet would come and pick-up my car, drive it to the car-wash and return?


What would be the options in market?

The door-to-door service has been present in the market for quite some time, but it is usually provided by suppliers as a side business. Therefore, a lot of times one might come across availability or price issues. Then I started building an app that would save people’s time. provides a fully digital process of sending your car to service, car-wash, tire-workshop or even a new location via a certified valet at a reasonable price. We carefully select each valet through a certification process, including criminal and driving record check, a driving style assessment performed by a certified instructor and face-to-face interview and application training.


Who is your client?

Mainly employees driving a company vehicle, but we also have lawyers, doctors or private business owners who know how to value their time and prefer to spend it on productive or relaxing activities, rather than driving their vehicle to where it needs to be.


How easy is to have a valet picking-up your car?

The whole process is a matter of clicks. Whether you chose to do it via mobile app or web-based platform, the flow shouldn’t take longer than 2 minutes until you place your order.


Step 1: The client installs the application, validates the account, and make a request;

Step 2: Available valets would place an offer, considering the distance, traffic level and the time needed to perform a specific service;

Step 3: The client chooses an offer based on tariff and reviews, and the valet will call to double-check the time and pick-up location;

Step 4: The valet proceeds to the client place and start the digital take-over inspection process by taking photos of the vehicle;

Step 5: The client approves the take-over and pays the valeting tariff;

Step 6: The valet will drive the car to the desired destination, check the performed service quality level and get the car back once is ready.


Speaking about the payment, we offer a welcome bonus of 30 lei for any new customer. This offer is available until the end of October to help drivers save time testing our app. Moreover, all customers who will refer a friend will get the same 30 lei for each first order from their friends who choose to use


What is your coverage?

We are now active in 10 cities across Romania, but we are constantly recruiting new valets to be able to cope with the increasing number of orders coming from the 1,500 + users in the platform. The app is operating on both Android and iOS, and we are coming almost every week with a new feature.


What if something happens with the vehicle while being driven by the valet?

While we are providing you the service, the car is covered by Valetino Casco insurance from the take-over time to the hand-over time.


What is your goal for this year?

We aim to ensure a solid development of our service, to reach 5,000 users enrolled in the platform and develop 3 more service inside the app. We are benefiting of our partnership with CarCentric, a nationwide network of car-wash and tyre-workshops, also part of the Autonom group.


This article was provided by our Mobility Partner, Autonom.

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