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Fri | 29.04.2022


What is a copywriter and why are they important?

We are ready to share some valuable insights from the inside of a creative agency! Let us focus on copywriting and copywriters: What are they? How does their work influence the tangled ecosystem of an agency or company? History has taught us plenty of times that words have a great impact on the way people act and react. So what’s the real superpower of a copywriter? Let’s start off with a brief definition.



noun [ C ]

= the brilliant mind behind all smart, complicated, intriguing, funny, serious, creative or non-creative texts that we can read both online & offline

In the era where content is the answer to all questions & a must-have in all communication efforts, words are a copywriter’s best friend. Plus, we all know (or at least assume) that the best choice of words has a huge impact on every communication effort. We all remember that smart & on point tagline, that funny punchline from a TV commercial, or that absolutely brilliant short message from one big billboard we saw downtown. Words shape our reality and those who master the art of matching them are some real trendsetters.



It is very important for us to understand that not all copywriters out there are required to be creative and write out-of-the-box content. Copywriters can be found in various environments, writing different types of content that answer different needs for very different clients. Off the top of our head, we can think of:

  • the creative copywriters, for whom creativity is the fuel that drives the whole writing process. They come up with ideas and phrases that make your brand visible and memorable.
  • the digital copywriters, who work mainly with CTAs. They write the copy that gets people to try, buy or sign up for what you’re offering.
  • the marketing copywriters, who know the brand and its audiences so well that they engage in a dialogue with the personas, using the right tone of voice, arguments and approach, developing a strong emotional bond between the brand and the target buyer.
  • the SEO copywriters, who make sure your site ranks highly in relevant searches.
  • the technical writers, who can explain crisp and clear various topics for the end-user, whether we’re talking about a broader audience or a more specialized one.


Keep in mind that some of these roles might overlap, therefore one single copywriter could be asked to handle the creative, digital or marketing needs of a single client.



Now, let’s move our focus towards the main activities of a copywriter. What does a copywriter do throughout the week? To pinpoint some of the main activities, a copywriter handles the following:

  • writes various types of materials such as articles, newsletters, taglines, website content and so on;
  • researches all the topics he or she must write about. Every copywriter should have minimal information about each topic he or she chooses to write about;
  • proofreads both personal work or other people’s work;
  • plans and implements communication campaign. After debriefing, a copywriter must identify the brand’s needs from a written content point of view and come up with a well-crafted planning;
  • edits and implements client feedback, so the deliverables match the client’s expectations.


So, copywriting isn’t all about writing. Copywriters have to do a lot of research and thinking, adjusting and editing, and a bunch of other seemingly peripheral tasks. And, a marketing copywriter will do a whole lot more on top of that: they create content and pursue to use it as a tool to generate site traffic, and, hopefully, leads.

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