An interview with Alex Popescu

Thu | 01.09.2016


1. Dear Alex, please introduce yourself shortly to all our members.

Whenever I am asked to introduce myself, I always start by saying that I am a passionate individual. I am passionate about life, and I am constantly open and keen on learning, to improve. I am passionate about people, and I look at ways of making a difference in their lives. And I am passionate about healthcare, and how we, as individuals, companies, and other stakeholders can contribute to the evolution of one of the most complex and important fields for our existence.  

As CEO of Philips in South East Europe, I combine all my passions into one mission, improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation, and together with an amazing team, we make a difference.

2. You are a law graduate, started your career in Telekom, but the health industry is for you „the place to be”. Why? 

The decision to join the healthcare industry was not planned in advance, but now I could not imagine myself in any other field. Besides being one of the most challenging and complex business environments that I have seen, and offering the opportunity to work with incredible professionals, the healthcare industry is one in which I feel that I can contribute to a greater mission.

3. In 2014, Philips moved the HQ of its healthcare division from Zagreb to Bucharest. Should we see this decision as a sign that the Romanian market has come to age?

Romania is the largest country in South East Europe, with significant potential for further development, and home to great professionals, some of which have also joined our growing organization. Moreover, as Philips has evolved into a health technology company, the decision to transform the Bucharest office into the regional hub for coordinating both the Personal Health and Health Systems divisions came natural. Now, the entire Philips organization in South East Europe, comprising of 10 countries, is managed from Romania. 

4. Consumer empowerment, tech transformation, innovative channels, new expectations value vs. Pricing etc. In 2016, some important consumer trends reshaped the communication of brands. How is Philips adapting to that, worldwide?

Global trends are shaping our world, our perceptions on health and the way we interact with relevant products and solutions. In this context, Philips brings a unique perspective, integrating the healthcare and consumer worlds under one great mission, to improve people’s lives through meaningful innovation. 

Our vision is of a continuous care across the health continuum, from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care. It is an approach that puts people at the centre and encourages them to take an active role in the management of their own health. Moreover, it aims to support professionals in providing predictive, personalized care for more effective treatment and first-time-right diagnoses.

Digital technologies will be a key enabler for achieving the necessary touch points and care coordination across the health continuum, and we are creating integrated solutions, which are a combination of hardware, software, and services that Philips innovates with partners and customers. We believe that by combining connected devices with big data analytics, and artificial intelligence, millions more people will have the opportunity to live healthy lives, through better prevention, faster and more accurate diagnoses, personalized treatment, improved outcomes, longer independent living and lower healthcare costs.

5. When did you find out about the NRCC and its activities?

Philips is a long-standing member of the Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce and one of the most active supporters of its activities. Therefore, I became aware of the NRCC’s role and our collaboration from the very first days I joined Philips.

6. What are your expectations and plans for your mandate as Vice-President?

The plans of the Board of Directors are also my plans. I see my Vice-President role as support for the accomplishment of our common goals. As you may know, we are keen on growing the organization at national level and strengthening the ties of the Dutch – Romanian business community, through many significant initiatives. Our projects are based on knowledge sharing, building partnerships and supporting our members to grow.

Moreover, I would like the NRCC to grow closer to local business communities across the country, and to continue to raise awareness on the importance of healthcare as a strategic topic.  

7. If you were to describe NRCC in one sentence, how would that sound?

The most entrepreneurial non-governmental organisation active in Romania today, reflecting the very best spirit of the Dutch nation.

8. In the end, please leave a message for our members.

Although we may not always realize, but by joining forces and putting together our competences, our experience and our goals, we have the strength to significantly chance our environment. I refer not only to the business environment in Romania, but to the society in which we live.

The NRCC mission is significant, to protect the interest of its members and to contribute to the development of the Romanian society in all aspects, and I believe that what we have accomplished in recent years is a testament to the NRCC’s strength and potential.  

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