Fiscal Policy: Online Payments of Taxes

Mon | 27.04.2020


The measures aimed at containing the spread of the virus COVID-19 speed up the digitization process of the public administration. In line with such speeding, the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (NAFA) has announced the availability of the new facilities for online payment of taxes and duties for companies via the National System for Electronic Payment (SNEP) available on the website.


Thus, on April 10, 2020, the Government approved the Decision no. 285/2020, which entered into force in the same day, shaping the necessary legal framework for online payment by companies of their taxes and duties towards the State budget or other institutions, via the said platform.


Therefore, companies also may now enjoy the same benefits that SNEP had already been providing for several years to natural persons taxpayers for payment of taxes and local duties or penalties and other duties.


Online payment for companies:


Further to such decision being approved, companies shall have the possibility to pay online taxes and duties, as well as any other obligations (penalties, miscellaneous taxes) but also all taxes due to other public institutions / authorities registered on the platform SNEP.


The Authority for Romania’s Digitization shall be in charge of the development and the administration of the platform SNEP, which has the authority to cap on the fees to be perceived by the service providers for online payments.


As far as online payment by card is concerned, the transfer fee shall amount to maximum 1% of the value of the transaction but without exceeding Lei 30.


The methodological norms laying down the registration procedure on the platform of the institutions and the authorities as well as the technical norms and the payment procedure are expected to be published within the 30-day period since entering into force of the Decision hereinabove referred to.


Online payment facility aims to round off the range of electronic communication means implemented by certain public institutions / administrations.


For the record, natural and legal persons already have had the possibility to require and receive different documents and information on their fiscal status via the private virtual space (SPV). The use of this online platform is free of charge and allows companies to file tax returns and administrative fiscal deeds – documents with the same legal force as their counterparts delivered by mail or at NAFA’s counters.




According to NAFA, legal persons who do not have an account on SPV may submit their registration application by means of a qualified digital certificate issued by an authorised provider, whose list is available on the website of the European Commission. As for the Romanian authorised providers, you may choose one among those listed here.


All registrations shall be submitted directly to NAFA’s website by clicking on «Registration of natural and legal persons on the virtual private space».

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