NRCC Board Candidates 2019

Mon | 04.03.2019


The elections will take place during the General Assembly of the Chamber on the 6th of March 2019.

All members have to express their vote online (download form) and/or during the voting session of the General Assembly.

Deadline Online Voting: March 5, Tuesday 19:00

The event will take place Wednesday, March 6 at Hilton Garden Inn Bucharest, from 18:00.

Don't forget to register and vote:




1. Serge Offers - CFO of ING Romania
"I look forward to contributing to the further success and development of the NRCC. It is my personal belief that the only way to make a difference is by participating and getting involved. By dedicating my time, offering my personal experience and international network, I will support and promote the interests of the Dutch - Romanian business community. My objectives as a Board member are:

• Further grow the membership of NRCC, and strengthen the network;
• Contribute to the different task forces and stimulate knowledge sharing among members;
• Support members in the areas of innovation and digitalization;
• Lead initiatives to promote higher levels of financial intermediation;
• Liaise between NRCC and other associations where ING is a member (i.e. ARB, CPBR, FIC) to strengthen the lobby initiatives for our members.
I am asking the members for their support to be appointed as board member of the NRCC."

2. Alin Neacsu - Head of Large Corporate, Raiffeisen Bank Romania
"I do consider that the company I represent has both the duty and the responsibility to be actively involved in the most important and effective platforms for interaction between business sector, authorities and society. A mandate within the NRCC Board of Directors would give me the opportunity to continue to seek new solutions and ideas in order to help the Romanian business environment achieve its full potential, a process that requires long-term efforts and involvement.
My contribution to the Board of Directors is my vast skills in banking and finance. Therefore, I consider that my experience, skills and competencies could bring value and produce significant change in many fields that are instrumental for the NRCC activity.
Should I be elected in the NRCC Board of Directors, I will pledge for NRCC to become an even stronger voice for the business community, as more and more challenges need to be overcame nowadays. I also find that promoting the principles of good corporate governance and business ethics is important in economies such as Romania. Last but not least, issues related to the corporate finance remain my main area of interest and focus within NRCC in order to diversify the financing solutions necessary for the businesses operating in Romania, so that they increase their value within the economy. "


3. Marcin Molin - General Manager Personal Health, Philips Romania

"I would like to express my interest in serving as a Board Member of the Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of Philips Romania.

I am thrilled at the opportunity to become part of a growing and strong organization that we, as Philips, support in Romania. Moreover, as Board Member, I see a chance to continue to actively participate and drive projects with incredible impact, together with peers who share a similar vision for progress.

Hence, I am keen on contributing to strengthening the Dutch-Romanian commercial relations, as well as to the development of the business climate and overall Romanian society."


4. Isfahan Doekhie - Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Bliss Imobiliare

"It has been now nine years in a row that I have been in the Board of Directors of the NRCC. Nine exciting years full of challenges and changes. Getting from 45 members in 2010 to 200 members in 2019. Having now a full professional executive team. Offering our members many more activities and accomplishing much more recognition andvisibility in the Romanian and Dutch business communities.
I am proud and honored that I have had the possibility to actively contribute to the growth and success of our Chamber and I also feel that I am not ready yet. There is still a lot to do and I have still a lot to contribute. Still many challenges lay ahead of us in this very dynamic Romanian business environment.
Next to that I still have a lot to offer and still am excited and willing to share my experience, knowledge, network and energy to the NRCC I also ask for the chance to get to ten years Board membership. Nine years is an achievement. 10 Years will mean so much more to me!
Therefore I am asking the NRCC members to grant me the possibility to accomplish ten years NRCC Board membership and I promise to continue, with the drive and energy as I have done in the last nine years, to make our NRCC even better and better for the members and for the business communities we work in and with!"


5. Loreda Dragomir - Country Manager Romania and Balkans Director, CNA International Executive Search Romania
" I am an active member of NRCC since 2008.
In my 10-years relationship with NRCC, I’ve managed to be part of the Board, to be Vice-president, to participate in organizing numerous events, including revitalization of the Orange Night, Knowledge Center on Employer Branding, Women’s Day, participation on even more events such as Dutch Drinks, Knowledge Centers, visit to Damen, etc.
I am motivated to become part of the Board of NRCC because of the need to have for strong female leaders entrepreneurs, and Romanian, representatives of small business local enterprises in the Board.
I’ve reached a level of maturity and emotional intelligence which enables me to give back a lot. I have a steady work-personal life balance and, therefore, I would like to be more active withing the NRCC - a community which I value very much."

6. Silviu Preda - Associate Founder, Noblesse Interiors
"The values I believe in, represent both me and the team I work with. I always treat my clients and projects with dedication, fairness, respect and professionalism. We always try to offer the best solutions to see our clients as satisfied. We respect our commitments, clients and business partners. The entire team is made up of specialists who are constantly developing to meet the highest demands of their clients. These values are the ones that have helped us over the years to grow on a challenging market.
One of the greatest challenges for a Romanian entrepreneur is to develop into an international market. Competition is fierce and our efforts to provide quality services and products place us on a premium market segment. Also one of our objectives is to contribute to the development of the economic environment in Romania.
I have much to offer in the way of diversity of experience and profession in that I have worked until now. In my past and current positions, I have gained experience in entrepreneurship, leadership, interior design, sales, human relationships. Combine all of this experience with my desire for continuous learning and development, understanding the economic and social environment.
Finally, I would like to be part of the NRCC Board to collaborate with people with whom I share common passions and interests, and to contribute to the development of the team through my knowledge, experience, brand or sponsorship. As a Board Member, I take the responsibility to be present at NRCC events and to represent the NRCC at any occasion."


The General Assembly will be followed by an After Drink only for NRCC members.

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