Finance News by Mazars Romania - October 2021

Thu | 28.10.2021


Sustainable finance policy tracker from Mazars and OMFIF brings clarity to global progress on sustainability regulation – Mazars’ analysis

The pandemic has served as a wake-up call for sustainable finance, with a growing number of organisations incorporating sustainability into their business models. To better understand how different countries are mitigating climate risks in their financial sector, Mazars has launched the - Sustainable finance policy tracker - developed in partnership with OMFIF.

The online tool includes an interactive map covering an initial 22 countries and jurisdictions. The tracker covers 14 areas related to sustainable finance policy, including regulatory and supervisory measures, climate stress testing activity, sustainable taxonomies, climate-related disclosures, and green bond issuance. Featuring a country directory, the tool allows users to select a country and view a summary of its policies and activities related to sustainable finance. It is intended to be the ‘go-to’ resource for stakeholders interested in monitoring the activities of central banks and regulators on sustainability.

„Conducting a sustainable business will become one of the main strategic goals of any organisation, which will cause a transformation in the culture and behavior of all stakeholders. The Sustainable finance policy tracker is a one of a kind tool that contributes to achieving this goal by monitoring progress and initiatives across various jurisdictions.”, mentioned Răzvan Butucaru, Partner, Financial Services & Advisory Leader, Mazars Romania.

Read Mazars’ entire material HERE.


Mazars’ flagship conference - Set for change: tax transparency, a way towards sustainability

Leaders of international companies are confronted with growing scrutiny from tax authorities, investors, and other stakeholders. Many feel they are held to higher standards of accountability. As a result, tax transparency is rising to the top of the agenda in international taxation.

Mazars supports clients who believe that taxation should no longer be seen as an operating cost but rather as an investment in the community in which they operate. Join Mazars' flagship interactive conference - Set for change: tax transparency, a way towards sustainability - from 2 to 10 November 2021.

Leaders from corporations, NGOs, institutions and Mazars' professionals from all over the world will share their insights on how international companies can embrace sustainable taxation. You will be able to interact with the speakers and participants through dedicated one-to-one networking sessions.

Register HERE and view the agenda HERE.


Episode 2 of the Let’s talk luxury podcast, by Mazars

Luxury businesses have long promoted and sold pieces that are timeless, but that does not mean the way the sector operates should stay constant too.

In fact, the luxury sector is at a crossroads with brands looking for ways to meet new customer demands, tap into advanced technology and form cross-sector partnerships.

To better understand this business model makeover, Mazars launched Let’s talk luxury, a podcast series featuring global luxury experts. In the second episode, Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO of Arianee, the leading NFT platform for the luxury and fashion industries, explains what consumers can expect from blockchain and other technological leaps forward.

You can listen to episode 2 HERE.


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