NRCC Member in Spotlight - Interview- Manuela Furdui- FiNEXPERT

Fri | 18.01.2019


1. Please introduce yourself to the NRCC Community:

Hello, my name is Manuela Furdui and I’m the Managing Partner at FiNEXPERT. I’ve been working within the financial accounting field for 25 years now.  I’m also a proud mother of 2 wonderful children that bring immense happiness to my life. When I’m not at work, I love travelling to new places as it gives me the opportunity to meet new people and learn more about all the different cultures and traditions around the world.


2. What attracted you to become a NRCC member and how did this membership benefit your company?

I have seen the Dutch Romanian community chamber growing in a short time.  I appreciate NRCC team because they are active and create the opportunity to develop and maintain a real business network.

 We are very pleased of our partnership and I hope to have beautiful and productive common activities from now on.


3. You are one of the leading Romanian Financial companies. How did you accomplish this and what sets you apart?

There is no special recipe for my company’s success apart from hard work, an extraordinarily motivated team and many challenging projects that proved to be successful.


4. Your company offers a complex range of services. What are the tendencies and challenges for years to come in audit, tax, payroll, accounting?

From my perspective, one of the biggest upcoming challenges in the audit, tax and accountancy area is automation. I personally believe that nowadays, an accountant  or auditor should focus more than ever on developing communication, digital and management skills. The accounting job won’t disappear but adapting to changes is the key to move further.


5. You have a clients’ base of over 500 companies. Are these only Romanian or also foreign ones operating in Romania?

The majority of our clients are foreign companies. However, in the last few years we’ve started signing more and more contracts with Romanian companies as well.

We’ve always aimed to attract more Romanian companies, however due to a slower journey towards a mature market on outsourcing of professional services it just took us a bit of time to reach this goal. 

I do want to emphasise that FiNEXPERT, as a Romanian company, is always keen and open to offer its services to even more Romanian companies in the future.


6. Do you have special means through which you try to educate the Romanian society about fiscal issues, audit, etc.?

We do regularly organise financial seminars in Bucharest but also across the country. So far this year we’ve had seminars in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara and we are planning to have two more in Brasov and Constanta until the end of the year.

We are active and proud members of the tax committees AmCham and CCIFER, organisations which have an essential role in facilitating smooth communication between the business and the legislative systems in Romania. Another good example of such organisation is NRCC, which I mentioned earlier.

Moreover, every month, we publish a summary of the latest fiscal news on the FiNEXPERT website. Occasionally, we also have the opportunity to write articles for industry-relevant publications.   


7. What distinguishes you from your competitors?

FiNEXPERT is the project of my life.

For the last 15 years, I’ve worked to build an alternative to the larger companies in this industry. We proudly maintain the same professionalism and dedication but add flexibility and a personal touch. I like to say I’ve managed to create a great team and a successful company.


8. As a final note, what is your message to your fellow NRCC members?

I wish you all the best of luck in business and life!


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