NRCC Elections 2018 - Philip Aarsman

Mon | 19.02.2018


Meet Philip Aarsman Managing Director, Business Lease Romania


 Short biography

- International experience in Automotive, start-ups (and development) of Operational Leasing companies, positioning, image and brand strategy, product development, (re)defining and implementing of company processes, recruiting, etc.

- Successful in international Mergers & Acquisitions. Leader and Coach, building and developing teams. Creating effective sales strategies. Acquisition of (large) new international customers.

Reasons to apply 

- Dutch national, working in the International Romanian Business environment.

- Currently managing and responsible for a successful and ambitious Full Service Operational Leasing company in Romania

- More than 18 years’ experience in CEE

Contributions in the past 2 years

- Business Lease is an active contributor and sponsor of NRCC  

- Mobility partner of NRCC  

- Task Force leader for Transport & Logistics

- Very present at all events of NRCC in Bucharest and Cluj

- Approachable by all members

 Objectives as NRCC Board Member

- To contribute to the development of the NRCC, supporting and promoting Dutch – Romanian business.

- To use my personal and professional skills and network in advising and coaching

- To support (Romanian) people and companies with “our” typical Dutch characteristics such as our pragmatic approach, win-win mentality, transparency, diplomacy, connecting people etc.

- To initiate projects to support economic growth related to Sustainability and Mobility.

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