NRCC Elections 2018 - Simina Fodor

Mon | 26.02.2018


Meet Simina Fodor, CEO FSP Global


 Short biography

I am 39 years old and I’m from Cluj-Napoca. I’ve always been passionate about literature, this is why I graduated both high school and university specializing in Italian and Romanian language and literature.

After having completed my studies I moved abroad and I began my professional career in an international business environment, acquiring knowledges and skills at a high level in the following fields: administration, communication, marketing and sales, project management.

At the beginning of 2009 I was hired by FSP Global as Founding Operations Manager. By assuring a steady growth of the company, I soon assumed the role of General Manager and later the role of CEO of the Group FSP Global, while in 2016 I was co-opted as a member of FSP Global’s board of directors and shareholders.

I am also vice-president of NGO Eastern Sun, operating in favour of disadvantaged people, which also contributed to the project Telemedicine in Epilepsy. Moreover, I am an active Member of Lions Club Transilvania from Cluj-Napoca.

My work is my passion, but also the opera, books and reading.

Reasons to apply 

As you all well know, Cluj-Napoca is the second most important city in Romania after Bucharest.

As a possible future board member of NRCC I intend to reinforce the presence of NRCC in Cluj-Napoca with my personal effort and expertise, using all the influence of FSP Global, a company with high reputation and important contacts in the territory, in order to increase the number of members and support the business relations in the market.


 Objectives as NRCC Board Member

I am committed to being active in the local community in order to make NRCC more and more present in all domains of interest and public authorities. Also important will be the support of all the local events and initiatives, as we did in the past by sponsoring major events. It would be a real honor to be a member of the board of Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce.

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