NRCC Elections 2018 - Elena Badea

Mon | 26.02.2018


Meet Elena Badea, Managing Partner, Valoria


Short biography

Elena Badea is the Founder and Managing Director of Valoria Business Solutions consulting company. Previously, for nearly 16 years, she was a Director of Business Development and then a Director of Marketing of an international company operating in Romania. Before that Elena had been with Daewoo Corporation, where she had a complex role, including marketing, business advocacy and international trade.

Elena Badea is a graduate of the University "Politehnica" Bucharest, but has built a career of over 25 years in marketing, sales and business development. She has extensive experience in business development, account management, corporate marketing, operational and digital marketing.

A NLP passionate, at Valoria, she delivers courses on the psychology of selling and the psychology of leadership. In the last 3 years, she delivered over 800 hours of courses both for multinational companies and large entrepreneurial firms in Romania. Among the topics topics she adresses are included the following: marketing and communications, business development, account management, body language in business, presentation techniques, networking, personal branding, leadership and sales psychology, and neuromarketing.

In the last 4 years, she led 45 research papers on the business environment and entrepreneurship in Romania and was involved in training and coaching for managers and businessmen, but also in social responsibility projects and education. She publishes articles in the business press in Romania and is invited as a speaker at numerous national conferences on current topics of marketing and business development.

Elena is a pro boo mentor in two programs which aim at developing entrepreneurship in Romania. She is keen on CSR and is the co-author of the first survey on CSR in Romania. Also, she is a visiting professor at the Griffiths School of Management in Oradea and takes the time to contribute to many other initiatives.

Reasons to apply 

I would like to contribute to the accomplishment of NRCC's mission and vision in Romania, to help turn out results for its members and ensure a sustainable development of its brand, reputation and membership base in Romania. My intention is the use my 25 years of business experience and know-how to uphold NRCC as a prominent business organization in Romania.  

 Objectives as NRCC Board Member

- To support NRCC with my expertise and input as a seasoned marketer 

- To generate added value for NRCCs programs by innovation and critical thinking

- To help NRCC reach broader categories of stakeholders with meaningful programs

- To assist in making NRCC a powerful and relevant voice in the local business environment

- To facilitate NRCCs remain impactful in the digital economy and with the upcoming generations of business people

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