NRCC Elections 2018 - Razvan Pascu

Mon | 26.02.2018


Meet Razvan Pascu, Managing Partner Travel Communication & Vice President Travel Focus Association


 Short biography

Razvan Pascu is a new generation romanian entrepreneur, with + 10 years experience in public relations, communication, events and investor relations. His main field of action is travel but his investments also include technology and mobile app. He has a large online community, exceeding 210k friends and followers on his Social Media channels and very often in TV shows.

Through his NGO - Travel Focus Association - Razvan also promotes Romanian regions to potential tourists, helping them to increase their tourist potential. In the past year he invested in some mobile apps as well as developed a new company to help potential foreign investors invest in Romania and find properties of potential businesses from the Romanian tourism area - VP Connections. Razvan is a part of Forbes "30 under 30" generation and former vice-president of Association of Young Entrepreneurs in Romania

Reasons to apply 

My intention is to be a voice in the NRCC Board for young entrepreneurs, investors and business angels. In all major European countries and the US the focus is made on investments and the NRCC should tackle more the issue of potential business partnerships and business angels, etc. Also, I intend to use my Travel and Marketing industry knowledge to make it a more visible field within the NRCC. Last but not least, I want to show to my over 210.000 followers why such business associations are useful and how active they are. 

 Objectives as NRCC Board Member

- To bring forward entrepreneurship issues and encourage the NRCC to have a say in legal / economical evolution in Romania that affect young and small entrepreneurs till 1-2 mil EUR turnover (communicate with national media the NRCC point of view when changes are made in the legislation that affects entrepreneurs, etc)

-To represent young and small entrepreneurs (turnover 1-2 mil EUR) in the Chamber

- To animate and increase the visibility of Travel companies in the chamber. Using my Marketing and PR connections to make the Chamber more visible. 

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