Fleet Management – Complete Makeover or Small Adjustments?

Wed | 03.03.2021

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Business Lease Romania informs over the fleet management – complete makeover or small adjustments. What are the trends shaping our actions this year?  


Fleet management – complete makeover or small adjustments. What are the trends shaping our actions this year?  

The past period has changed completely the way we travel to, from and for work. So, it is not a surprise that more and more companies are now looking at how their staff make business journeys. Which is the most efficient way for employees to travel? Can your leasing supplier provide truly transparent strategy advice? How does this impact recruitment and retention? Do we really need to take action? These are only some of the questions of the agenda of the management teams’ meetings.

Because of COVID-19, future fleet management strategies won't operate or look the same. And companies need to be prepared for tech-based developments such as autonomous driving and electrification, plus the long-awaited absence of COVID-19 restrictions resulting in shifts in logistics procedures and different workforce practices. Not to mention preparing for a new era geared towards e-commerce customers.

Three trends are to be followed this year as they will reshape the future of fleet management.


Visibility over TCO components

Understanding the fleet, it is mandatory to visualize delays and potentially costly scenarios. Therefore, monitoring expenses, safety and road conditions while improving driver experience should remain on the agenda of any fleet manager this year. Technology can help a lot, but professional consultancy will provide all the tools, benchmarks and data needed for accurate overview. Data need to be the background for any fleet related decision to be made this year.


Environmental Objectives

Electric Vehicles (EV’s) had a good year in 2020: despite the decrease by 30% in the global new car sales, electric vehicle sales in Europe increased 45%. Although supported by government incentives this shows us that, despite the wide-scale disruption of the pandemic, climate change is likely to be the defining change of our lifetime.

The pandemic has shown us our impact on the environment and more and more companies are currently trialing electric fleet to help realize CO2 goals, and save fuel and maintenance costs. With countries banning diesel and setting optimistic zero emission targets, going green calls for a thorough, and long-term planning.


Changes in consumer behavior

Online sales have grown in Romania by 32% in 2020 and this has brought a large increase in the deliveries for courier and logistic companies. We are sure that people who got used to buying online will continue to rely on eCommerce after the pandemic. Consequently, delivery fleets and logistic companies need to show flexibility and implement fleet management systems that allow them to meet customer service expectations from same-day to within-an-hour delivery. This demand for accurate Estimated Times of Arrival (ETAs) and will call for Telematics and smart digital solutions allowing fast communication with customers, building trust and brand loyalty.

To answer these trends requires bold strategic choices under uncertainty and fleet managers need to step up and rethink their positions as asset-managers towards integrated mobility providers offering services that are not necessarily related to the vehicles. They have a key role in the Future of Mobility.

So, enough challenges ahead of us. But don’t worry our consultants are here to help you. If you want to discuss one or more of the subjects described above, don’t hesitate to contact us via info@businesslease.ro.


This article was provided by our Mobility Partner, Business Lease Romania. 

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