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Thu | 30.09.2021


Today’s reality: remote work, how are the employees supported by their employers, and the Agile philosophy within the Romanian business environment – Mazars’ analysis

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the first good decision made by companies, especially the private ones, was for their employees to work from home, a decision that saved many lives and continues to do so. This first good decision was followed by a second one – employers became emphatic, and gave their employees some financial security, where they could, they understood that their people might need an extra break, they supported their colleagues with children, for whom everything has become even harder overnight, and they provided everyone with specialists so that they could talk about the challenges they faced.

At the moment, we can’t discuss the future of work without talking about what working remotely is like, what benefits are the companies offering, who wants to implement a hybrid work model, and how is today’s business culture from an agile perspective.

Mazars prepared a material regarding this topic, that has the following conclusions:

  1. According to the Romanian Law no. 81/2018, the contract or additional act concluded to carry out the telework activity must be based on the agreement of both parties;
  2. The employees would like the company to cover the costs for a psychotherapist and some of the expenses for working from home;
  3. Companies must implement an agile philosophy within their teams to make remote working run smoothly.

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Let’s Talk podcast – the Mazars podcast about doing business in the time of COVID-19

The business impact of coronavirus has led to months of uncertainty for organizations as they look to make sense of unprecedented trading conditions. From reforecasting financial plans to accessing government incentives, securing remote internet connections and planning for the post-pandemic economy, there is practically no area of business that COVID-19 has not affected.

To shed light on how leaders have responded to the crisis, and plan on doing so going forwards, Mazars has launched the Let’s Talk podcast. Each episode features a different Mazars expert discussing how they have worked with clients to navigate the crisis so far. They dive into the business-critical issues that clients have come up against and what planning for the long-term looks like.

Podcasts available to listen to now are:

  1. “We’ll look back and say there were winners and losers – winners changed their business models.” Mark Kennedy, Managing Partner, Ireland.
  2. “Just because it was not anticipated, does not mean businesses cannot react effectively.” Frédéric Barat, Partner.
  3. “Stricter tax audits are coming.” Birgit Jürgensmann.
  4. "Business owners and entrepreneurs always find an opportunity in difficult situations.” Gareth Jones, Global Lead, privately owned businesses.
  5. “Be practical, be dynamic and constantly review business plans.” Jamie Towers, Partner.

You can listen to all the podcasts HERE.


Let’s talk luxury – the Mazars podcast about the luxury business model makeover

Luxury businesses have long promoted and sold pieces that are timeless, but that does not mean the way the sector operates should stay constant too.

In fact, the luxury sector is at a crossroads with brands looking for ways to meet new customer demands, tap into advanced technology and form cross-sector partnerships.

To better understand this business model makeover, Mazars launched Let’s talk luxury, a podcast series featuring global luxury experts. In each episode they share their insight on the trends shaping the luxury market today.

Let’s talk luxury features episodes with: 

  1. Isabelle Massa, Partner, and head of luxury, Mazars.
  2. Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO of Arianee, the leading NFT platform for the luxury and fashion.
  3. Kresse Wesling, co-founder of sustainable luxury brand Elvis and Kresse.
  4. Julie Laulusa, Member of the Group Executive Board and Managing Partner, Mazars, Mainland China.
  5. Lina Bustillo, entrepreneur, and founder of Aureum.

You can listen to all the podcasts HERE.


This article is provided by our Finance Partner, MAZARS Romania

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