Mobility News by Business Lease, April 2021

Wed | 14.04.2021

Operational Leasing

“Our focus remains on developing and increasing operational excellence”

Interview with Elias Drakopoulos, Business Lease Group (the European HQ of Business Lease Romania).


What is your strategic objective for 2021 in Europe and beyond?

 “In 2021, we expect to achieve modest fleet size growth while continuing to focus on developing and increasing operational excellence. This will help us upgrade the service to our customers, drivers, and business partners. Our new IT platform – our digital backbone – will help us improve our efficiency while unburdening our customers. Plus, our new corporate identity will increase our market visibility.”


How do you see the future of fleet management and leasing?

“As more services are added to the palette of leasing companies, leasing and fleet management will change. Mobility in its broadest sense will add to what we can offer to our customers.

Apart from the fact that we are preparing for new mobility services, managing fleets for our customers is and will remain key – today and tomorrow. Our belief in quality of service will guide us, whether for our clients’ current fleets and requirements, or for new mobility solutions.”


How do you see the concept of the Flexible Fleet evolve?

“Flexibility comes in many forms. In the past year, customers asked us to be flexible in terms of payment extensions and contract changes. But even before the pandemic, we were asked operational leasing and fleet management under one master contract – which we provided. We see ourselves as a sizeable company with a regional specialism, able to adapt to the market. Whatever flexibility is requested, we can develop a solution.”

Business Lease is one of the most important mobility solution and operational leasing providers in Central and Eastern Europe, located in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. For almost 30 years the company has been combined passion, care, and expertise to deliver superior mobility solutions, in line with their mission. As part of the AutoBinck Group with over 1600 employees, the company has over 110 years’ experience in automotive services


This article was provided by our Mobility Partner, Business Lease Romania. 

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