Tue | 20.10.2020

Marketing & Advertising

The NRCC sends out newsletters periodically covering specific areas of interest to inform the NRCC community, as well as external companies in our database, using the NRCC style and letterhead.

For each below mentioned category, the NRCC sends out one newsletter per month.

The proposed sectors are:

  • Banking/Finance
  • Tax/Accounting
  • Legal
  • Design/Creative Industries
  • EU Funds & State Grants
  • IT&C
  • HR&Recruitment
  • Real Estate
  • Agriculture
  • Mobility

The content is exclusively provided by an NRCC member with expertise in the field, for a period indicated by the NRCC. The content provider will be mentioned in the newsletter as the exclusive provider of the content. For example: NRCC FINANCE NEWS by MAZARS. All content must be in English.

Basic qualification criteria for each organization in order to apply:

  • should be member of NRCC, with relevant expertise in the specific field;
  • should have no outstanding amounts due to NRCC;
  • should provide one example of a previous newsletter prepared by that organization. 

The right to provide content for each newsletter shall be determined based on a competitive bidding process. Unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis, minimum bids shall be:

  • for a 12-month exclusivity period, 1500 EURO + VAT, for newsletters to be sent January 2021 – December 2021;
  • for a 6-month exclusivity period, 750 EURO + VAT, for newsletters to be sent (i) January 2021-June 2021, and (ii) July 2021 – December 2021.

Members can apply for both periods, regardless of their level of membership.
The bidding shall begin with an email notice sent to all members, providing them with a deadline for 30th of November 2020, established for receipt of bids by email at Each member shall demonstrate in its bid that they meet the qualification criteria presented above.

The NRCC shall review each bid on a confidential basis and the winner in each category shall be selected based on having fulfilled the qualification criteria and offered the highest price. In case of a tie, a second round of bidding will take place by email, but only with the members who submitted the highest bids. If the second round results in another tie, then the President of the NRCC's Board of Directors (or another person in the absence of the President) shall select the winning bid by writing their names on strips of paper and randomly drawing the winning paper. All initial bidders will be informed of the results of each bidding round for their respective sectors.

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