NRCC Elections 2018 - Edwin Warmerdam

Mon | 26.02.2018


Meet Edwin Warmerdam, Partner, Head of Tax Advisory, Mazars


 Short biography

Edwin boasts over 25 years of professional experience in finance and taxation, of which 18 years as a tax and financial advisor in Romania (since 1998). His field of expertise spans corporate income tax, individual income tax, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence and international taxation.

Edwin’s industry exposure mainly includes Real Estate, Financial Services and Energy. Before joining Mazars, Edwin worked for 15 years at PwC in The Netherlands and Romania as Tax Partner (1991 - 2006). Afterwards, he was active in the Real Estate industry as CFO and Executive Board Member. He successfully completed several Institutional Real Estate Projects on the Romanian market from land acquisition to the retail and office sale projects.

Reasons to apply

I have known the NRCC from its inception in 2006 as my former collegue Rene Bijvoet has been involved in the incorporation of the NRCC. Since then I have closely followed its projects and evolution in Romania, as it is an important partner to us. 

 Objectives as NRCC Board Member

I hope that I will have again the chance to accomplish challenging goals together with the management team of the NRCC and the new board.

- To report transparently the financial position of the NRCC and that legal requirements are being met (treasury role)

-  To represent Dutch companies active on the Romanian market and improving the Romanian investment climate

- To focus on the financial, tax and legal content of the NRCC towards the business community and Romanian authorities.

- To consolidate on the position of The Netherlands as it is one of the largest foreign investors in Romania.

- To facilitate Romanian companies to become active on the Dutch market.

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