NRCC Elections 2018 - Tom Leene

Mon | 26.02.2018


Meet Tom Leene, Director Fokker Engineering Romania


 Short biography

After graduating from his Master Business Administration at the University of Groningen, Tom started at Fokker in 2012 in a two year management development program aimed at developing the future leaders of the company. Since then he held various position within the company both in the Netherlands and in the United States. Tom started in Bucharest in July 2017 as the General Director for Fokker Engineering Romania and immediately fell in love with the Romanian culture and way of living. Tom is 31 years old and lives in Bucharest. He is interested in outdoor sports like running, snowboarding and mountain biking.

Reasons to apply 

-To play an active role in the Dutch professional community in Romania

- To become more involved in Romanian Politics . I am very interested in bilateral relations.

- To help grow the NRCC within target groups.

 Objectives as NRCC Board Member

- To further contribute to a friendly, informal and inspiring community that strengthens the Romanian - Dutch relationship

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