Mobility News by Business Lease, August 2022

Fri | 12.08.2022

Operational Leasing

Your company’s main activity is Operational Leasing, but you also have a rental fleet. What does the rental market look like at the moment?

Traditionally, the rental market in summer is at its highest peak, a very good period for B2C. In what concerns Business Lease’s rental fleet, this is exclusively B2B and primarily used by our clients for their short- and medium-term projects or as pre-lease cars.


With all the delays in the deliveries nowadays have clients been more open to rent solutions?

Yes, the delays in the delivery of new cars caused by the COVID-19 pandemic made clients realise that a rental is a good mobility solution for both the short- and medium-term for their projects. This is why short-term rental has been more appealing for B2B clients in the past 2 years and we, at Business Lease, anticipated this trend.


What are the expectations for the second half of the year for rental?

As previously mentioned, B2B clients considered the rental option quite recently due to the vehicle producers’ difficulties in delivering new cars. Other factors such as the Russian-Ukrainian war also factored in the decision process of B2B clients. Since we now face unusual circumstances, it is difficult to assess the future trend of rental activity.

Despite the volatility of various activity circumstances encountered by B2B clients, Business Lease is always prepared to meet any demand being one step ahead due to its constant attention to the evolution of the internal and international markets and its in depth analysis of the macro economy.


Is there a push towards electric vehicles? What are the most requested vehicles for rental projects?

The media highlighted the increased appetite for hybrid and full electric vehicles, encouraged also by the generous support offered by the Romanian State through the RABLA subsidies. This trend does not appear to be applicable regarding short-term rental cars. However, together with our partners, Business Lease can cover all classes of vehicles, from an Aygo to Duster or even LCV’s or special Premium cars.


What would you recommend clients who want to plan their rental budget for the following period?

Since prices are increasing, it is advised to budget year over year considering annual inflation as a minimum. Also, certain advantages offered by a rental such as returning the car whenever the clients decide, a quick delivery of the car (in our case from our stock), road assistance and a replacement car in maximum 24 hours in case of any damage, should be carefully considered. Any client interested in renting a vehicle or even a fleet of vehicles may contact Business Lease and we will be happy to discuss together the specific advantages offered by this type of rental activity.



This article was provided by our Mobility Partner, Business Lease Romania

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