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Thu | 03.11.2022

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This late warm autumn has somehow moved winter plans for later on. But sooner than you imagine winter will be knocking on our doors and we‘ll need to get ready for Christmas. You’ve probably taken out the warm clothes, prepared the boots and put the T-shirts and the swimsuits back on the top shelf.


Now it’s the right time to take care of your road companion too, as winter means more demanding conditions for vehicle operation and maintenance, which significantly affect driver and driving safety. 


We’ve prepared several tips and tricks for you, worth checking before winter is here so that your car is perfectly prepared for the freezing weather. Make sure you tick them all!



The first thing to be considered when we think about the cold season is to replace summer tires with winter ones. Tires are the first element of our vehicle that are in contact with the road. They must be as efficient as possible to ensure the grip under winter driving conditions, on wet and slippery roads.

It's important to choose a type of tire in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and take into account the maximum dimensions as they are recorded by RAR in the Vehicle's Identity Card. At the same time, it is good to plan ahead for the winter tire replacement to avoid queuing for the workshops on the first snowfall.



This should be the routine of every driver in any season and especially before any long journey. During the cold season, more than ever, we have to make sure that all liquids are at the optimal level as the manufacturer indicates. More than that, it is necessary to check the degree of the antifreeze in the vessel - especially when, in time, there were moments when we had to refill and the refill was done "by ourselves" and not in a specialized workshop.

As part of the liquid check, next on the list should be the windshield liquid. As a rule, this is part of the elements of major discomfort during the cold season, and the reason is simple - we forget to add liquid resistant to low temperatures. It is important to know that there are several types of liquid for washing the windshield in the market at the moment - the one for the summer season, for easy insect removal and the one for the cold season which can be divided into two temperature categories - up to minus 15 degrees and up to -25 degrees.



The average life span of a car battery is between 3 and 3.5 years. Obviously, that can get even shorter, taking into account the fact that each car user can have different consumers, which can lead to a decrease in the usage period. It is therefore good that before the beginning of the cold season we evaluate the battery charge to be sure that we avoid unpleasant situations during the winter.



Now that we've gone over most of the technical checks, it's time to talk about the interior as well. Here the most important thing is to consider using rubber mats. This is because in winter, taking into account temperature and precipitation, when we get in the car, we will also be partially covered in snow. At least in the cities, the snow with we get on our feet also contains the products local administration spread on the streets - mostly substances with a strong corrosive effect. The rubber mats will help you protect the carpet of the car.


Drive safe!


This article was provided by our Mobility Partner, Business Lease Romania

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