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Fri | 11.06.2021

Operational Leasing

'Vehicle rental services support business growth during unpredictable times'


Interview with Oana Iancu, Commercial Director of Business Lease Romania:


1. How does the Business Lease rental service support a company’s business?

Business Lease vision places at the center of all our actions the care for our client and, implicitly, for their needs. The rental service was designed with the same purpose: to support companies that need mobility for a shorter period of time or that, as start-ups, cannot sign up for long term commitments. The product takes into account the real, practical needs and the feedback of our customers, being built based on their preferences related to brands, models and engines, as well as levels of equipment and useful services, designed to ensure uninterrupted mobility and fixed costs for the company.


2. Who are the target customers?

Our rental product is mainly addressed to existing customers, being an extension of the range of products and services we provide them. It is perfect for projects on limited periods of time, for customers registering seasonal increases of their activity or for employees who need to be provided mobility solutions during the trial period or when travelling for work purposes.

But it often happens that we receive recommendations from our customers and, then, we offer the service to companies outside the Business Lease portfolio.


3. If a company needs a replacement car, why do you think it is more efficient to rent one than to have a spare vehicle in their fleet?

In the case of rent, the customer pays exactly what and how much they use, without bearing any risk of damage or maintenance costs, taxes and compulsory insurance that should have been paid regardless of whether the car is used or not. In addition, a rental car can be made available anywhere in the country, thus avoiding the costs of relocating the car from the park.


4. How has the demand for short-term rental services evolved during this pandemic period?

We expected that, considering the current uncertainty, the demand would increase, especially on the small class segment (Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio, Opel Corsa, Toyota Yaris), so we have increased the fleet by 10% compared to the previous year.  


5. What are the challenges and, at the same time, the growth opportunities for the development of this business segment in 2021?

For us, the rental product is closely related to the operating leasing product, so, given that the operating leasing fleet is growing, we estimate increases in this segment as well. Our goals remain to increase the fleet and renew it so that we can respond promptly to our customers’ requests.


6. How do you choose the cars you rent to your customers?

Every year, we conduct an assessment of the fleet and of the requests received to ensure that we offer a mix of models and brands covering all vehicle segments that are normally found in a company car fleet. At the same time, we make sure that all the cars we offer for rent have a medium to high level of equipment, providing users safety and comfort in traffic. According to our policy, in order to decrease the number of traffic events to the minimum, all cars are equipped with active safety systems, Bluetooth system, parking sensors and fog lights, and for increased comfort, starting with the compact class they also have automatic transmission.


7. What is the structure of the Business Lease fleet for short-term leasing?

The fleet structure is varied and includes a mix of models for each car segment. Given the high demand, the largest segment is for the small class.


8. Do you rent short-term and fleets, ie over 15-20 cars for a single customer?

Yes, such requests come from customers whose business is seasonal or where they focus on projects for specific periods.


9. Are the requirements of Romanian clients for short-term rental sophisticated? That is, do they only require vehicles with a high degree of equipment or do they simply want a car that is cheap enough to transport them from point A to point B?

Mostly requests come for vehicles with a high level of equipment, which ensures the comfort and safety of users. Basically, the user should not feel the difference between a company car under operational leasing or any other method of purchase and a short-term rental car. Probably in the B2C area we might have these requirements but our rental product is addressed exclusively to companies (business area).


Interview published in Romanian in Flote Auto


This article was provided by our Mobility Partner, Business Lease Romania. 

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