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Mon | 18.11.2019

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Ariadna Avram is the the CEO of Domeniul Manasia and an insightful entrepreneur. She has the vision of reconsolidating and reopening Domeniul Manasia, in a more discreet and more exquisite form than ever and to reintegrate it in order in the local, cultural, economic and social scenery, as well as in the life of the local neighboring communities. 

Domeniul Manasia

Domeniul Manasia is that special kind of place that does not seize to surprise you, from the very first moment you pass through its gates. Once you have arrived, it takes you back in time and it discloses details of an aristocratic history. Like a bridge between the past and the present, the reconditioning of the estate is a reflective lesson on respecting history, which is revealed in a discrete and elegant manner, through the attention paid to every single detail.


The experience can only be truly understood during the excuisite social, corporate or private events that take place in the manorial mansion, the two hectares park or in the wine cellar under the mansion. Each event writes a new chapter of nonchalant extravagance and brings you closer to that unique intense feeling we often pursue.

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Corporate Christmas Party

Interested in a Corporate Christmas Party at Manasia? Have a closer look at the location, taste the wines and  culinary delights and convince yourself of the quality of the services offered.

Enjoy an unforgettable party in one of the most beautiful places nearby Bucharest. Please check the packages with food & drinks menus and additional services, as you wish! For NRCC members: 5% discount for the whole offer!

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Last year, in 2018, the 5th Edition of the NRCC CEO DINNER took place at Domeniul Manasia and it was amazing. Have a closer look! 

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