A New President for the NRCC in 2021, Interview with Serge Offers

Mon | 12.04.2021


The NRCC Board of Directors appointed as its new President Mr. Serge Offers, CFO of ING Bank Romania, proud & long-standing member of the NRCC! 


Interview with Serge Offers:


1). After two years in the NRCC Board, you are now for the next two years at the Helm of the NRCC. What made you decide to take upon the responsibility of the role as president of the NRCC?

During the last year, we strengthened partnerships with other relevant associations in Romania and the Netherlands and recently our White Paper was published with policy recommendations to support the economic recovery. These developments compliment the traditional strengths of the NRCC in the areas of networking and knowledge sharing. However, these are just the first steps in this new direction in my opinion. I am convinced that as president, I can contribute to further implement this broader strategy for the benefit of the NRCC and its members.


2). What can the members of the NRCC, and of course the rest of the world, expect from the newly elected NRCC President in the coming two years?

My initial focus is about reconnecting with our members as there was limited opportunity for networking last year. I am going to work more closely with the NRCC task forces and our representatives in CDR, as they are best positioned to spot relevant developments, share concrete proposals to strengthen the business climate, and offer solutions to issues of members. I will also continue to invest in the good relationships with the Romanian government, the Dutch Embassy, and representatives of other associations.


3). The NRCC has made a noticeable development in being more vocal in advocacy. Can you explain this switch in heading of the NRCC? Did it bare any fruits?

After a year of unprecedented uncertainty, we see this upcoming period as an opportunity to build back a stronger and more resilient economy that is capable of coping with current and future challenges. Some legislative reforms were already realized by the NRCC. The National Recovery and Resilience plan is a unique opportunity to invest heavily in education, health care, infrastructure, but also in the energy transition, agriculture, and smart cities. We are continuing our collaboration and constructive dialogue with representatives of the public sector to promote the ideas expressed in the NRCC White Paper.


4). What is it like to work ING Bank, and what does the future hold for the company?

The success of ING Romania has been based on a clear strategy and direction, which not only remained unchanged but has been reconfirmed during the pandemic. The focus in 2021 will continue to be on innovation, with a strong emphasis on our digital / mobile channels, and further improving the customer experience by providing quality services, anytime, anywhere. However, I expect one of the most important topics this year will be how to define the new normal and finding the optimal balance between working remotely and presence in the office.


5). How do you spend your free time in Romania, before and during the pandemic?

Before the pandemic, one of our favorite activities was exploring the country and visiting the many beautiful places recommended to my wife and me. We frequently invited friends and family from the Netherlands, and without exception they returned home with a very positive impression of Romania. During the pandemic, I picked up some of my old hobbies and started playing tennis again after roughly 25 years and developed a habit of walking outside almost daily to have enough exercise and get out of the home.


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