• Bas van Hese,

    Former NRCC President

    Fokker Romania has grown significantly in recent years and on that journey we frequently used the expertise and experience of the NRCC and its members. We see the Dutch Romanian community as active and open, where fruitful discussion takes place on a professional and personal level. Much appreciated is also the high quality of NRCC events.
  • Philip Aarsman

    Managing Director, Business Lease Romania

    I really enjoy meeting so many new people. So I encourage existing members to participate and be present and new members to join us too: the monthly network drinks of the NRCC in Bucharest, Constanta, Brasov and Cluj offer lots of opportunities to meet, exchange ideas and doing business.
  • Isfahan Doekhie

    Partner, BLISS Imobiliare

    Visit our events for feeling how vibrant the NRCC is. An association like the NRCC is by the members and for the members. If you wish to benefit more from this, engage the executive team and the board in your ideas and together we will make the NRCC "value for your money". Together we will grow as this is in the benefit of all of us.
  • Jan Glas

    Managing Partner, TPA Romania

    TPA is a member of several bilateral chambers in Romania, but I do feel that NRCC and its network of members stands out as an example. The growth, both in members and in activities, is the result of a very strong interaction between members, board and the executive team and it clearly shows at events in how people connect within NRCC.
  • Roxana Morar

    Account Manager, PITECH+PLUS

    NRCC organizes great networking events in our city Cluj-Napoca. NRCC is very active, dynamic and keeps us updated with useful business information related to our partners. Thank you as well for helping us with the launching of AcademyPlus in Bucharest.
  • Ioan Cocan

    Managing Partner, Tremend

    A vibrant community, lots of events and interesting people. Business talks in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Adriana Grecu

    CEO, AON Romania

    I admire very much NRCC and its members because they are active and create the opportunity to develop and maintain a real business network, with formal, but also informal meetings, very inspired venues, not only in Bucharest. We are very pleased of our partnership and I hope to have beautiful and productive common activities from now on.
  • Alis Patlageanu

    Founding partner, Portnoi & Associates

    Focusing on principles as sharing, working together, promoting and advocacy, NRCC offers the ideal medium to make the necessary critical connections to further grow and develop our businesses. I also think that the greater our involvement is, the bigger the return on our investment will be.
  • Johan Bouman

    Senior Consultant, Wolters Kluwer Romania

    In our opinion, the NRCC is a factory of creative ideas and projects, by individual members or in Task Forces. Whenever I go to one of their gatherings, I can always hear new ideas for business or get some friendly advice about mine. Also, the atmosphere is a great balance between professionalism and informality.
  • Ronald Oort

    Chief Risk Officer, ING Romania

    The NRCC provides for a lot of opportunities to network in the broadest sense of the word – not only from a social perspective and to get business contacts but also dedicated workshops and activities which can really bring added value to your company and network. Stay active, join us in our many activities and also be vocal in what you expect from NRCC so that we can do our best to serve you as best as possible. See you at the next Network drink!
  • Alex Popescu

    CEO, Philips South East Europe

    The NRCC is the most entrepreneurial non-governmental organisation active in Romania today, reflecting the very best spirit of the Dutch nation. Although we may not always realize, but by joining forces and putting together our competences, our experience and our goals, we have the strength to significantly chance our environment. I refer not only to the business environment in Romania, but to the society in which we live.
  • Iulia Iuga-Dohmen, Owner

    Inspired Design

    I have seen this chamber growing in a short time. And it benefits me in terms of expanding my network and learning new views. I am somewhat amazed that not all members make use of what the NRCC facilitates. I am also part of other business associations, but none of their events matches what NRCC has to offer.
  • For us, at Valoria, is a priviledge to be a member of an association so active and vibrant as NRCC. There is so much value in the sharing of knowledge and expertise that takes place among the NRCC members. The people that we meet at NRCC are very nice and we appreciate the excellent mix between multinational corporations and entrepreneurs.
  • NRCC has created a great business circle amongst its members and we are happy to be part of this environment.