NRCC Night of the SMEs

NRCC-BRCC Night of the SMEs in Cluj, 2nd edition

On 27rd of March, at Grand Hotel Italia, Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) organizes in partnership with British Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC) the 2nd edition of the NRCC Night of SMEs in Cluj.

The event includes an official Welcome Cocktail followed by a Seated Dinner (with Intermission), containing 4 courses of each 25 minutes. During each course, attendants share a different table with a Key-Topic Provider and converse in a small and intimate setting regarding the relevant topic that they are interested in (up to 15 fields of expertise will be available to choose from).

The changing tables concepts leads to attending more different topics and to increase the interaction between attendants, making networking and know-how transfer more efficient and targeted.  In the same time, for a key-topic provider, hosting a table is a huge added value and lead generation concept.



  1. Seated Dinner: enjoy quality food & wines
  2. Meet your peers: connect with other decision makers from SMEs (100+) during Cocktail, Dinner, Intermission & After Drink
  3. Topic preference: you can pick specific topics of your interest
  4. Be informed on the topics of interest in an interactive way, focused on your organisation
  5. Enjoy NRCC Live Talk: live interview, moderated by Lucian Mindruta.
  6. Benefit from special offers provided by sponsors & partners


  1. Dedicated corporate table to present a relevant topic to decision makers
  2. Two people representing the organisation in order to interact with decision makers (guests) at the corporate table
  3. During the Seated Dinner, interaction with a total of 32 decision makers (divided over 4 separate courses) at the corporate table, with a predefined interest in your organisation’s expertise
  4. Brand visibility prior, during and after event
  5. Access to the complete list of attendants after the event


Are SMEs part of your business target?  Then do not miss out this unique opportunity to become a Key Topic Provider during our dedicated event  where we bring together the NRCC & BRCC SMEs Community.

Confirmed key-topics:

1) Operational Leasing - Business Lease
2) Tax & Mediation - Contafiscal
3) Banking - EximBank
4) Business Travel Services - Eximtur
5) Robots for all: small robots for small businesses - itsme ES Elektro / Universal Robots
6) Health & Corporate Wellbeing - Medicover
7) Real Estate - Napoca Imobiliare
8) IT Outsourcing - Telekom
9) Sales & Negotiation - Valoria
10) Marketing - Wave Division
11) HR & Training - Zoom HR / LeadUpAcademy

List of relevant key-topics still open: EU Funds & State Aid,  FX & Currency, Insurance & Risk Management, Legal, Transport & Relocation, CRM, Debt Collection, Credit Risk Management, 

 Contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Fee for NRCC & BRCC members
110 euro / person

Fee for external companies
135 euro / person

Taking into account the set-up of the event (with a prior table placing for each guest), kindly register at, until 24th of March. 

Payment must be made in full prior to the event to guarantee admission. Fee is refunded only for cancellations received 48 hours prior to the event.


Media Partner: Transilvania Business
Business Communication Partner: Oamenii si Companii
Event production partner: Fives

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NRCC Night of the SMEs

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27 March 2018

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Seated Dinner with knowledge sharing on business development

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