Data-driven change: boost your business growth!

Today’s organizational challenge: from gut feeling to data-driven decision making. No longer a secret, data is everywhere and can be used to jump to better results. However, many organizations still struggle to reap the benefits. 

So one question always arises: how to translate data insights into impactful actions on the workfloor? Aligning data scientist & IT department with the business is one of the biggest challenges in the adoption of data insights. This allignment calls for a thourough collaboration between teams and departments, creating a shared view on the use of data. Because it’s not only about technology, but also on how people interact with data.

Join us on 12th of September, from 18:30, for an interactive workshop that will not be just about data or what data is. Our special guest speakers from the Netherlands will go in depth and approach the topic from an analytical perspective, talking about what is really needed to gain optimal value from data.

The human resources perspective will be especially addressed because data is not just about making HR better, it’s about making organization better, therefore, driving business performance & growth.


HR managers

How to optimize (data) strategy work in order to:

- build engagement with every employee

- facilitate collaboration between teams and departments (create a culture of collaborative productivity)

- optimize the workfloor

- know and apply an in-depth understanding of organizational dynamics

- identify your organization’s potential

- effectively monitor recruiting, development, productivity, accountability, retention & many other workplace initiatives

- bring your organization one step further

Other managers / CEO

By attending this interactive knowledge center, you will find out:

- what is your company’s stage of development and how to move to the next maturity level

- how can data improve your business (data as a competitive edge)

- what is the best way to facilitate data driven (and sustainable) changes

- how you to use a “Sustainable Continuous Improvement” approach, combining Process, Control, Behavior and Leadership

- how to use tools like data mining to identify possible actions for improvement




  • Representatives of medium management level of medium and/or big companies
  • Representatives of high management level of medium and/or big companies.

With 18 years of experience on the market, House of Performance (HofP) enables people, teams and organizations to excel by advising, supporting where possible and confronting when needed. Because excellence does not come by accident, it needs insight in what can be improved and practical methods to achieve it. HofP work fact based, results driven with passion to build sustainable practices in organizations. Motto: ‚together we can make it better”.

Carmel Kloosterhuis, Consultant
Improving together with people on the work floor, is why I get out of bed everyday. I don’t believe in big reports, just start doing it! A fresh perspective on existing problems and the ability to make a sustainable change happen.

Maarten Holland, Consultant
Improvements in performance don't occur merely as a result of 'hard' improvements. It's actually by also paying attention to behavior and leadership that we can create changes that last. And that makes things get a bit better and nicer every day! Read interview with Maarten


Free access for NRCC members.
Fee for external companies - 150 lei / person
Register at until 11th of September. 

The presentation is followed by a Cocktail Drink, perfect set-up for making new business connections and sharing ideas. 

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NRCC Knowledge Center


12 September 2017

Start Hour



Hilton Hotel


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