Promote your company in the NRCC Nearshoring Guide 2016, 5th edition




The economic relation between Romania and the Netherlands is strong and growing. A large number of Dutch companies have already found Romania to be the ideal nearshoring location, offering some major advantages like availability of skilled workforce, competitive costs, good work ethics, people with excellent language skills, and favourable business climate.

Since 2006, NRCC plays an active role in facilitating trade between Romania and the Netherlands and the Nearshoring Guide is an important tool that fosters the win-win relationships between the two countries.

The 5th edition of the guide, issued in November, in over 1000 copies and written by NRCC members, will bring the latest information all presented in a pragmatic and structured manner.

The guide is therefore a must-read for any company that considers nearshoring to Romania, as it presents the advantages and challenges in doing business here. The last edition of the guide is available here.

If you work with entrepreneurs that want to start a branch in Romania or you would like to have a Dutch partner, then our Nearshoring Guide offers your company excellent business opportunities. 

Like always, we are looking forward to hearing from you, so please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Team at for feedback, suggestions, meeting requests etc.

The Nearshoring Guide overview


1) Dutch Chambers of Commerce in the Netherlands

2) Embassy of Romania in the Netherlands

3) Participants of incoming trade missions in Romania

4) Within Romanian Business Days, organized by the Dutch Romanian Network, end of November, in the Netherlands
Premium business event, invitation based, around 200 guests (company owners/decision makers, already in relationships with Romania or interested to expand on the local market).


The Guide will be officialy handed over to Romanian authorities and accompanied by a White Paper, with concrete points to make Romania even more attractive to nearshoring.

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Deadline for delivery: 22nd of September
Price: 850 EURO