NRCC BEHIND THE SCENES: EVENTS! Interview with the Executive Director, Maurits Dohmen

2018-07-19 | Other

Summer Break allows us to reveal how we do things at NRCC. If you ever attended our dedicated events, such as NRCC NIGHT OF THE SMEs, NRCC CEO DINNER, NRCC ORANGE NIGHT you have noticed we like to make our own little show: excessive use of lights & sound, video Animation, moving elements. So let’s zoom in and see how we manage this, and what better way than to ask our Executive Director:..

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  • The fear of failure in entrepreneurship

    With a tradition fractured by over 40 years of centralized economy, entrepreneurship is revamping in Romania. The private initiative, seen by the majority of the population of the 90's through the political economy lens learnt in communist schools, and the propaganda of that regime, had discarded the old meanings and got new ones.

  • Dividends may be payed also during the year!

    The law permitting the payment of dividends during the year was voted. According to the principle "autumn is a time of harvest ", perhaps from September or October this year we will already be able to reap the "fruits" of the business.

  • Interview with Ortansa David

    I started my business driving for Dutch businessmen that had to go to the shipyards in Galati, Mangalia and along the Danube. We now provide any service related to the transport needs of business people and tourists. This ranges from airport transfers, to car rental, to transport for NATO officials and also services for tourist including for example travel & visiting suggestions and programs...