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The story #Colectiv  
One of the greatest tragedies Romania has witnessed in the 21st Century took place on the 30th of October 2015, when a fire broke out during a rock concert at Colectiv club in Bucharest. More than 300 people were caught in deadly inferno, but not all were lucky to escape it. In the aftermath, the entire country mobilized: from individuals, to companies, mass-media, NGOs and public authorities joined forces in order to support the families of the deceased and to save the injured, who were struggling for their lives.

Estuar is one of the NGOs that launched an impressive fundraising & psychological counselling campaign dedicated to #Colectiv victims and their families. By the end of 2015, during the 2 months of campaign, Estuar collected approx. 300.000 euro from individual donors, concerts organized in cities from Romania, actions deployed in Bristol, London, Oslo and corporate donations from companies. More details are available here.

“In January 2016, over 100 people still need services of medical recovery and psychological counselling so their return to daily life happens in best conditions. That is a hard and long-term process, so there is a real need for the community members to involve and support their fellows.” Amedeea Enache, Executive Director, Estuar. 

NRCC Engagement
“From the last 10 years, The Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce has the mission to support the Dutch-Romanian business community, being one of the most active bilateral chambers of commerce. For us, that means creating business opportunities for our members, being at the same time, connected and sensitive to the needs of the people living in the communities we operate in. It’s a responsibility we truly believe in, this is why we concentrate our resources and efforts to streamline our activities and involvement. Therefore, NRCC decided to support the victims of #Colectiv tragedy.  Now, 3 month since that terrible night, the attention for the story has somewhat diminished, but it doesn't mean that the victims and their families are all fine, we have not forgotten them. For that, we are working with a trustworthy partner, Estuar, which will make sure the collected  funds by means of our campaign will be correctly allocated.” declares Mr. Sebastiaan (Bas) van Hese, President of NRCC. 

The fundraising campaign will focus on the most important aspect, the victims’ medium and long term needs, in this way supporting Estuar to offer in 2016 free important services such as:

1) socio-medical service – analyzing the needs of the victims and supporting costs of medical interventions and consumables (compression gloves, kinesiotherapy, cicatrizing creams, plastic surgery etc.);
2) psychological service – specialized counselling for the victims, family and friends of the victims;
3) psychiatric service - specialized counselling for the victims, family and friends of the victims;
4) educational and psychological service for the children of the victims- kindergarten and afterschool for the children of the victims. 

NRCC will actively promote the cause towards members, partners and related / befriended Dutch-Romanian business organizations, using all existing communication channels: website, social media, newsletter, events.

How can NRCC members help?

“When you walk alone you go fast, when you walk together you go far.” Every contribution counts and for sure together, the Dutch-Romanian business community, can make a huge difference.

  • donations in bank accounts (different currency – please mention NRCC_Colectiv)

  • donations by PayPal - please mention NRCC_Colectiv

  • donations by SMS (only in Telekom network);

  • donations by means of Law on Sponsorship (32/1994), with no negative impact to the bottom line: directing up to 20% of the profit tax due, but no more than 0,5% of the turnover (limit increased from 0,3% starting with January 2016);

  • donation from the employees of your companies – the 2% form.

For other suggestions on how we can better support this cause, please contact us at 

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