Building a successful Dutch – Romanian Tech Cooperation




Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) and POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest (UPB) organize a special event on the 3rd of March, from 11:30, aimed at celebrating the start of a fruitful cooperation between UPB and three leading Dutch tech companies active in the Romanian market.

The event will take place at the UPB Senat Hall (Splaiul Independentei 313, Rectorat building, 2nd floor) and will include a series of short presentations of the projects developed by Fokker Engineering, ORTEC and Philips in cooperation with different UPB faculties. Also, a special signing ceremony will take place, making the agreement between Fokker and UPB official. The event will end with a Cocktail Drink. 

We are honored to have as special guests H.E. Ms. Stella Ronner-Grubačić (Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Romania and Moldova) and Mr. Rienk Timmerman (Head of Engineering Fokker Aerostructures Netherlands). Also, present at the event will be Mr. Maurits Dohmen (NRCC Executive Director), Prof. dr. ing. Sterian Dănăilă (Director of ”Elie Carafoli” Department of Aerospace Science - responsible with the Fokker Romania Partnership Agreement), Conf. dr. ing. Octavian Thor Pleter (Dean of Faculty of Aerospace Engineering) and Conf. dr. ing. Marius Stoia-Djeska (Vice Dean of Faculty of Aerospace Engineering).

“Fokker Engineering Romania is Romania’s leading Aerospace Engineering company and part of Fokker Aerostructures, a leading global aerospace specialist headquartered in The Netherlands, developing and manufacturing highly engineered advanced aircraft systems and components for aircraft manufacturers. Operating at the forefront of innovation in the aviation sector, Fokker can contribute to the educational development of the future generation of aerospace engineers in Romania through a transfer of practical knowledge, building a bridge between the aerospace industry and the university. For over 10 years, the graduates of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering have been structurally employed by Fokker and they’ve contributed directly to the development of major aircraft platforms. Fokker is very proud to continue this cooperation by entering a formal partnership with the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, supplementing the curricula of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering with practical courses, that intend to broaden the practical knowledge of its graduates contributing to successful future employment. Fokker is confident that this partnership is only the start of a continued cooperation to strengthen the Romanian aerospace industry with the help of Dutch technology” says Sebastiaan van Hese (NRCC President and Director Fokker Engineering Romania).

Herman Wierenga, NRCC Board member & Managing Director of ORTEC Central and Eastern Europe has stated: “ORTEC has its roots in the academic world and, with our passion for mathematics, we build and implement advanced IT solutions that help our customers save money and optimize the world. By creating and developing ORTEC’s collaboration with universities, particularly with the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science – Innovation Labs – we bring together our experts, support education with best practices in the field and provide a platform for research & development. As one of the world’s leaders in optimization software and analytics solutions, ORTEC is always looking to work with top graduates. I believe the role of universities in our industry is important and it could be even bigger, and I see scientific research as an engine to drive innovation.”

“We, at Philips, are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that improve people’s health and enable better outcomes. We partner with clinicians, with customers, with universities and other companies to unlock insights and develop solutions that improve patient outcomes, provide better value, expand access to care and, ultimately, help build a healthy society. At the same time, we believe that together with our partners we can have a significant contribution in supporting the Romanian engineers and health practitioners to cooperate for advancing the use of innovative technologies. Therefore, we see our partnership established with the International Summer School on Imaging for Medical Applications as a great example of how we can enable local innovation and impactful initiatives that foster knowledge sharing and that contribute to the rise of new talents in biomedical engineering.” explains Alexandru Popescu, Vice President NRCC & CEO Philips Romania & South-East Europe.

Since 2006, NRCC has been playing an active role in facilitating trade between Romania and the Netherlands. At the same time, we actively promote Dutch know-how transfer and best practices in various fields of activities, education being one of them. When companies and universities work in tandem to push the frontiers of knowledge, they become a powerful engine for innovation and economic growth and Netherlands has many succes stories on that.

Via strategic projects like the member driven Task Forces, NRCC strongly supports and promotes fruitful cooperations that merge the discovery-driven culture of the university with the innovation-driven environment of the companies. Moreover, starting this year, NRCC will engage with the Aspen Institute in Romania, for developing technology focused projects.

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest is the largest and the oldest technical university in the country and among the most prestigious universities in Romania. The tradition of our institution, developed in almost 200 years through the effort of the most important nation's schoolmasters and of the generations of students, is not the only convincing reason. Today, the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest is undergoing a continuous modernization process, being involved in a permanent dialogue with great universities in Europe and all over the world.