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Without marketing, you would not have prospects or leads to follow up with, but yet without a good sales technique and strategy, your closing rate may depress you. Marketing and sales should work simultaneously. Build your business with the right combination of the two!

Join us on 28 February, in Bucharest, for an interactive Knowledge Center about Sales & Digital Marketing, Engagement & Efficiency presented by experienced specialists from Valoria & WebDigital.




  • The main concepts of psychological selling mechanisms
  • The difference between the classical sales model and the new one, based on psychological triggers
  • How & why psychological selling works
  • How you can efficiently influence the buyer’s psychology
  • How you can obtain great results by using psychological selling strategies


  • What you can do not to waste your PPC marketing budget
  • How paying for creativity upfront pays of in the long run
  • Being nice to suppliers and treating consultants as your own team saves you money
  • How sloppiness can harm your overall marketing budget
  • When to take chances and when to accept help

The presentations are followed by a Reception, perfect set-up for making new business connections and sharing ideas on the topics presented. 



  1. Company owners
  2. Sales Managers & Specialists
  3. Marketing / PR Managers & Specialists

Elena Badea, Managing Director, Valoria
For 15 years, Elena Badea was Director of Business Development and then Director of Marketing of an international company operating in Romania. She has extensive experience in business development, account management, corporate marketing, operational and digital marketing. She coordinated 38 research on the domestic business environment and entrepreneurship in Romania and was involved in training and coaching for managers and businessmen, but also in social responsibility projects and education. Elena publishes frequently articles and point of views and is invited as a speaker at numerous national conferences on current topics of marketing and business development.
Read interview with Elena

Ionut Radu Munteanu, Trainer & Managing Partner, WebDigital
A perpetual student of the human mind, passionate marketer and full-time entrepreneur, that’s Ionut Munteanu, in a nutshell. Licensed in Psychology and Sociology with extensive marketing experience both on client and agency side, he has fully embraced the wonders of online technology for over 10 years now, constantly striving to achieve the best formula to blend curiosity about human behavior with the predictability and results that effective marketing can create. Add a spoonful of entrepreneurial drive and there you have it. His latest and greatest professional achievement is WebDigital. As a certified speaker and trainer, one can find Ionut either in the amphitheaters of well-known universities, invited by marketing professors to help students get closer to the wonders of digital marketing or speaking in workshops around the country and abroad mainly at e-commerce focused events but also at digital industry events in general. Ionut is also the co-founder of the oldest recurring industry specialized monthly event and community “Lumea SEO PPC” (“People of SEO & PPC”) in Bucharest, which focuses on bringing digital specialists together as friends and professionals.


WebDigital offers an analysis of the current online presence / activities + suggestions for planning the budget and future actions, all delivered during a personal meeting.

Valoria offers Another: 50% discount to all open courses, targeting different topics:


Valoria Business Solutions is a company providing training, consulting and executive coaching services. The company's mission is to transform the potential of teams and organizations into value. Competence, confidence, innovation and passion are the values that sustain us in everything we do. We believe in people, in their aspiration for personal and professional fulfillment, and their willingness to accelerate their potential. 

WebDigital is a digital marketing agency committed to be the first choice for businesses both large and small. Founded in 2009, the online marketing agency consists of high-potential professionals managing advertising portfolios for over 100 active clients. All activities are based on the idea that everyone should be passionate about what they choose to be their calling. Our focus and passion have made WebDigital the sole specialized PPC Marketing agency in Romania. Whether you’re looking to increase your brand’s awareness or sales, WebDigital is the agency that protects your investment in order to maximize results WebDigital uses Google search engine, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Display Network and is continuously optimizing using Google Analytics and web analytics tools.
WebDigital in a nutshell: Google Premier Partner (GPP), Founding Member of BlueAlliance (check), Proud NRCC Member, Google and Facebook CEE Partner Agency, Over 7 years experience in Digital Marketing, Strategy and client service as separate services, Google Analytics reporting and support.


The event will be hosted by Hilton hotel, proud member of the NRCC

75 lei / person for NRCC members
150 lei / person for external companies

Register at until 27th of February.

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28 February 2018

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