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Thu | 12.10.2017

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United We Click”, WebDigital along other 8 Google Premier Partner agencies of the CEE region founded BlueAlliance

Nine CEE based Google Premier Partner agencies have founded BlueAlliance. The Google Premier Partner agencies are specialized in digital marketing and have signed an international cooperation in the region.

The BlueAlliance agreement represents the international cooperation of 8 European countries such as: Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine.

The founders of BlueAlliance wish to expand their professional activities outside their borders by being able this way to provide quality tested services to the CEE markets. The main idea of this agreement is being a member of a multicultural partnership that grants significant importance to experience trading between the agencies and also of local market knowledge and consumer behaviour.

The first initiative towards this agreement took place in 2016 and lead to the foundation of this agreement that wishes to unite agencies with similar values, missions and specialization.

All of the 9 agencies are independent Google Premier Partners, well known at local and international events and competitions, with relevant experience in the field and great efficiency in digital marketing.

All the agencies that signed the agreement have teams of local market recognised professionals in the same fields as WebDigital: Digital Analytics, Paid Search and PPC Marketing, but also other areas of expertise like SEO, Social Media și Conversion Rate Optimization.

Currently BlueAlliance is formed out of nine members:

  • Aweb (Ukraine),

  • Bluerank (Poland),

  • WebDigital (Romania).

  • Effectix (the Czech Republic),

  • eStrategai (Lithuania),

  • Growww Digital (Hungary),

  • INTREN (Hungary),

  • KG Media (Croatia),

  • Pizza SEO (Slovakia),

BlueAlliance was created to help the clients fulfill their goals along with progress and expansion on the CEE markets using the consumer knowledge specific to every country.

The agreement that was at the base of the BlueAlliance partnership has been signed during the workshop of experience and knowledge that took place at the Bluerank headquarters in Poland at the end of  August 2017.

"I believe that only local agencies - leaders in the field have the best training concerning the needs of the local markets. Excepting the linguistic competence, these agencies have gathered knowledge on the behaviour and unique patterns of the Internet users of the specific countries and support their activities through local businesses. BlueAlliance, contrary to the other similar global agreements, guarantees the independence of the partner agencies and the right to use their own identity while working with clients. This is the quality that brings transparency in the business environment and  emphasizes the partnership character that we value." explains Ionut Munteanu, Managing Partner & Trainer WebDigital.

"I am glad that the initiative was welcomed with enthusiasm by the Google Premier Partners agencies. This means that together we will open the international market doors for our clients, expanding this way the area of activity".  adds Mihai Alexandru Andrei, Manager of Operations & Partner WebDigital.

BlueAlliance in numbers
- 388 certifications
- 317 employees
- 1474 projectS
- 61 awards
- over 15 mln euros of managed media budget


About WebDigital

Pay-Per-Click Marketing specialized agency, among top Google Premier partner agencies, WebDigital is successfully delivering media buying services on Google, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram adding value through strategy, assistance and advice services focused on meeting business objectives.

WebDigital combines the characteristics of a media agency specialized in media buying on Google, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram with specific elements of traditional online advertising based on the strategy, assistance and advice services that it offers in conducting Pay Per Click Marketing campaigns.

The agency is the only agency in Bucharest, specialized in PPC Marketing which aims to see things "differently" in the online environment by providing all categories of small, medium and large customers, adapted tools for their business promotion. WebDigital manages portfolios of over 3 million euros annually and protects the investment of hundreds of customers for various products and services.

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