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Wed | 05.10.2016

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Is there a secret formula or ingredient for having succes in employee engagement? Well, there is only one rule: there is no rule. Read an inspiring interview with Virgina Pauna, Project Leader Best Employers Romania
AON Romania, one of the guest speakers at our next week workshop, Employee engagement: before & after hiring. 

1. What is your personal definition / perspective of employee engagement?
Aon Hewitt's definition of engagement says it is the state of emotional and intellectual involvement that motivates employees to do their best work. Engagement is the degree to which employees feel invested in their organization. Engagement can be measured and tracked, but, first of all, it must be built. It does not just happen, even if you have inspiring leaders and a strong mission.
2. At international level, employer branding is for many companies, no matter the size, a top priority. Do you see these also happening in Romania? Did things change for the better in the last 5 years for e.g?
In Europe, companies have recognized the importance of employer branding more than 10 years ago. There are more and more companies in Romania with uniform communicated image and strategy. Many of these companies are building an employer image with the goal of increasing attractiveness among employees.

3. For sure, you have encountered in Romania many succes stories related to employee engagement. Is there a secret formula or ingredient?
There is only one rule: there is no rule. Companies must understand there is no success recipe, that context is different in the same company depending on the external, internal factors. The same briliant idea might work at a point in a company, but fail for the same population in other conditions. The only common ingredient for all formulas is communication. There is no such thing like too much communication, you have heard that before – well it is very true.
4. Who drives more the employee engagement in a company: the CEO or the Managers?
I believe engagement can happen only with the involvement of all people in a company. Managers are the ones who know best their teams and they should drive and sustain the engagement, while the Leadership team should be the one to validate and reinforce the message that engagement is important in company and it is really happening. If the employees – from the C-level to execution level – are not engaged, business performance suffers.
5. Employees are now like customers: companies have to consider them volunteers, not just workers, so invest more to attract & retain them. What is the role of the corporate culture?
Corporate culture is an organization’s “operating environment” or more simply “how work gets done.” Culture manifests itself in beliefs and assumptions about what is important and results in normed behaviors that shape how the business operates. In a culture of engagement, employees have a clear idea of the organization’s purpose, its plan and how it eill accomplish its goals.

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