Paul Renaud launched Centre for Effective Coaching

Thu | 19.05.2016


Paul Renaud, NRCC member, Executive Coach, energetic communicator and TEDx Speaker, launched in partnership with other visionary people the Centre for Effective Coaching.

NRCC members benefit from special incentives. If interested, please contact us at and we will gladly send you more details. 

The mission of the Center is to find and select the best global coaching resources and make them available for Romanian Managers and Leaders.

To find and fuel genuine coaching talents that have a passion for performance and people’s transformation, and build them in a team of performers, to provide impactful and effective organizational coaching programs.

We provide you with a team of experienced coaches, equipped to coach middle management teams, who really want to make a step forward to the next level of performance development.Our coaches follow ICF Standards of ethics and quality and each one of them are qualified and certified coach with more than 100 hours of coaching experience. We are here for leaders who are ready to bring to their teams a burst of self-awareness and commitment for better results.

We believe that the power of coaching comes from the ability to transform insights into action. Coaching operates on the belief that the client is not broken and does not require “fixing”. Thus, the client has the answers, not the coach, even if he/she has not found them yet. 
Coaching simply speeds up the discovery process of those answers and points out to the most appropriate actions.

Every manager is, to us (and hopefully to you too), THE HERO of his personal journey in life and career. To every manager we’ll coach, we’ll tell him the same thing: YOU are the player! You are the hero of your personal story. We, as coaches, are only an honest mirror. And yes… a speaking mirror ☺ from time to time.  We’ll shine light where there is darkness. We’ll throw the light from a different corner to help you see new perspectives and discover new ways of doing things.

Sometimes it won’t be just a walk in the park!  It will be a journey of clarity and self-assessment. But it could be a challenging one.

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