How to turn a corporate event into an experience of the participants

Thu | 14.09.2017

Events Design & Production

Mobile phones, computer games, gadgets once considered extravagant have exponentially exploded now. Although much was said in 2016 regarding virtual reality / augmented as a trend, in 2017 we can say that there have been some progresses that will further accelerate the evolution of the event industry.


With the support of these technologies, we can involve event participants like never before, by immersing them in worlds and experiences that they would otherwise not be able to see.

Whether it's a 360-degree video, a virtual reality experience, a breakthrough augmented reality, or simply interactive content, they are growing more and more. In just a few years, these new video formats have revolutionized the world of communication and marketing.

We enumerate some of the solutions proposed and used by us in the events to generate experiences among the participants.

Interactive wall

Involves the development of a customized application, interactive frames, multitouch sensors so that when you touch an item on the screen, you automatically generate a pre-defined element behavior, such as the element reacting in a certain way, to disappear, to have a certain mimic - if we are talking about a character.

These solutions can be used in presentations, product launches but not only. For example, instead of displaying information in a static format, an infographic animation will help the customer expose their data in a more interactive way.

Participants can be involved simply by moving, scrolling the information, stimulating them to discover personally what that data means.

Interactive floor

We are talking about engaging one or more participants at the same time, depending on customer needs. Functionality is based on the use of special sensors, the development of an application that generates more interaction points. We can imagine a piano ground on which the participants can sing different notes and finally a melody together. This type of functionality is especially used for company parties. 

Augmented interactive video

The augmented reality involves the integration of digital information with the user environment in real time. Besides virtual reality that creates a completely artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlaps new information.

This solution involves activating the public so that we stimulate the interaction and thus the participants become part of it. With the customized 2D, videowall, and live camera animation, participants are able to see on the screen the presence of some famous characters, for example, alongside them. They can be famous characters in movies, animals, an artist or even

the mascot of the company. Or the user can directly send his photos via e-mail or facebook personal page with the "character" next to him.


It is a projection on a sloping surface combined with a multi-touch sensor (radar touch).

This can generate the audience's impression that the person manages 3D objects in the air as holograms.

Functionality also requires a well written script from the client.

The character in the pseudo-hologram may have pre-recorded behaviors and through these sensors to activate.


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