Over 200 members in the NRCC community!




“The NRCC has reached an important milestone! I am excited and proud to announce that our community includes now more than 200 members. With this number, we are positioning the NRCC on the forefront of Bilateral Chambers in Romania, matching the status of the Netherlands as the largest foreign investor in Romania.

Three years ago, the NRCC changed its strategy to focus more on growth of the chamber in order to do more for our members. In this relatively young journey, we shifted from soly Bucharest activities to a more diverse pallet of activities around the country which includes cities like Cluj, Brasov, Constanta and Iasi.  We grew from 60 members to over 200 today. A remarkable achievement!
Next to broadening the activites geographically, new concepts for matchmaking were introduced bearing the now familiar NRCC signature such as: NRCC NIGHT OF THE SMEs, NRCC CEO DINNER, NRCC UNIVERSITY, NRCC CITY VISITS, NRCC SCHOOL TRIPS.  The Chamber continues to grow steadily and we are especially thankful to all NRCC members that regularly join and support our events so we can maintain a vibrant and lively community.

As we continue to put all our efforts in the dynamics and content of the chamber, I am confident as well as looking forward to a continuous relevant growth of the NRCC“ says Maurits Dohmen, NRCC Executive Director.