The opening of Fusion Arts exhibition by Noblesse Interiors

Tue | 10.05.2016

Creative Industries

Fusion Arts is a multidisciplinary artistic phenomenon, that encourages and supports national and international artists to exhibit their work together, so that they can provide the public with a complex experience.

Over 45 artists have been selected to participate in the Fusion Arts event, and during the 16-day period they will show their work in architecture, sculpture, painting, hand-made accessories, interior design and more. The exhibition will be accompanied by products of Noblesse Interiors,  portofolio signed by international designers (furniture, decorations, lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor spaces).

The visitors will be invited to a series of workshops, performances and presentations of products in the Biblioteka- Design Hub, a space dedicated to artistic conferences, inside the Noblesse Palace.

The schedule is:

  • 21 May- The opening of the "Fusion Arts" exhibition.

  • 23 May-Beau Monde Fashion Show (8:00 pm).

  • 27 May- Arts after work. The event will begin at 6:00 pm.

  • 28 May -Conference Beau Monde (6:00 pm).

  • 2 June - Architectural Offices Night. Noblesse Palace hosts the offices of the interior design department and the architecture team of Insign Studio in the basement.

  • 3 June-The art of cooking. Cooking session with a surprise guest (7:00 pm).

• 4 June- Conference with Alessandro Lusito (Architect  Manager at  Insign Studio ): Stages and development for an interior design project of Horeca spaces.

Reference list of objects exposed at Fusion Arts :

  • 45 artists and product designers Romanian

  • Chair Nemo by Fabio Novembre

  • Miss Lacy Chair by Philippe Starck

  • Redondo Couch by Patricia Urquiola

  • Chair One by Konstantin Grcic

  • Art Deco Dining by Lorenzo Bellini

  • Furniture pieces by Casa Fendi

 FusionArts lay the foundation of a community of artists that will inspire and influence through their work. The community is mixt and consists of product designers, fashion designers, painters, photographers, digital artists and artisans. The exhibit proves that art is the most profound expression of human creativity and it offers a unique experience, regardless of where and how we meet.

The exhibit is part of the Romanian Design Week"Fusion Arts is our new  major project developed together with the Cultural Association Noblesse, through which  we want to bring art and design closer to people and to add value to everyday lifestyle" Loredana Preda-CEO Noblesse International Group.

During the week the program will be between 09: 00 am-9: 00 pm and on weekends ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday) between 09: 00 am -11: 00 pm. The entry is free.

 Partners: Beau Monde, Designist, Unique, Union of Artists, City Compass, Romania Insider, Tonica, Senso TV.

Media contact:

Liliana Uleia


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